Living Hinge D&D Boxes

I loved this idea! I made a foam insert for the box (cut with the GF).

I think it looks awesome. AND it makes the living hinge more solid!

I did not have Ferrari red though.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Man, that looks great!!! I’m so impressed (and jealous).

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Oooooo, awesome idea! I predict many foam liners for living hinge boxes will be made after this.


I’ve used the felt that you can get from Michaels with a sticky back. Just cut and then peel off the backing material and it sticks in place.

Here’s the sunglass case it went into. It does give a nice backing to the living hinge.


I just love these boxes so much! There you go, firmly maintaining your status in the “super duper cool dad” category.

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Just wait until you see what I’m working on now :wink:.


WHAT?!! I can’t wait!!!

This looks wonderful. Congratulations on such a great design.