Living Hinge Gone Wild

I knew Comic Sans was passé, I just happen to like Papyrus…


I like 'em both. Stand your ground! :smile:


When you do something, you really become unhinged about it! Great product.

I remember trying to make my first small, round boxes with living hinge sides. Oh did I make a lot of failed parts. Your design is pretty solid and quite interesting looking. Nice job.


Ooh - I love living hinges, they fascinate me endlessly.
This one looks like tire tread/tracks!

Damn the number of iterations! I track the same way, and it’s both sad and inspirational to see them rack up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Like your particular living hinge, hadn’t seen that pattern yet. And the clear acrylic is so very cool!


That is an articularly nice living hinge design! :heart_eyes: making round things was the first challenge I went to when I first got my Glowforge. I did not understand about living hinges but have an oak cane bent at the top and so went off in that direction.

I did find that a deep engrave really stabilized the round, the ability to expand or contract the circle really helps as if the wood is solid any change in temperature or humidity really changes the diameter.

Also what I discovered was that a locking pattern could hold the ends together though it looks like you are just matching the design at the ends which could be why keeping it from trying to be an exclamation point takes some effort. Also, I have noted that a curved area of stress has a lot less stress than if the stress is focused to a point.

This is one example of a whole line of lamps and then I also tried making the living hinge on the inside only.


Design by iteration works for me. Failure is the teacher, and you will know the weaknesses of it - because you have found them all! :unamused:

Nice work on those materials :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing your adventure!


Not a living hinge that i’ve seen before, and I really like it! These are great designs!


Nice design, and I like it in the clear acrylic.


I’m really impressed with the curves on the acrylic. I’ve only tried once and it snapped with only a little curve.

So neat to see your design in all the different materials! Great work!

I’ve done a few living hinge round boxes before but not with that design. It looks new to me, and I like it!

You have been away for awhile but I see you have been getting around.

I like that pattern, particularly in the clear acrylic.

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I got most excited about the prospect of a website called!


Likewise. Seeing success with living hinge acrylic give me hope! :upside_down_face:

Absolutely loving these - beautiful work! And, yes, as Evansd2 said last year, I’d like to talk to you about Papyrus. :wink:

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Yes, I’ve atoned for my Papyrus sins and changed my ways. Thank you for gently guiding me on the right path.


Hopefully by using “Comic Papyrus” instead! :+1:


Nooo!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: