Locationg anyone in my area (Near Nashville) that may have a Glowforge?

I am curious if anyone has any ideas on possibly locationg people that are in my area that have a Glowforge. Just wanting to make friends, learn, teach, play, get together and chit chat or link up. Just curious. I have seen two people that have made buddies with someone in their area and apparently they are buddies and get together often. I would love to atleast chit chat with anyone that might be near me. Murfreesboro, Tn.

I am in Lexington tn bout 2 hours away! I ordered one don’t know when I will receive it I am thinking about canceling and getting another brand can not talk to a live person from support glow forge shipping department has a major problem

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Don’t know if folks have been adding themselves recently but…

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I don’t think it is anywhere near up to date. I seen that, too. I attempted to find something more up to date. No Luck.

There seem to be an inordinate number of ocean-going Glowforges…

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I’m in Lebanon. Just 30 minutes east.

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HEY! @reformationwood We can be new BFFs! We can have wood parties with our sexy GF’s, popcorn, ice cream, and caffeine&sugar loaded drinks, OOOHHH!!! You might think I am kidding! But there are already a million visuals in my head. (And I must say, the popcorn, ice cream, and all that funny business…is definitely in the mental visualization). And I wanna make plans!!!

That is if you do!! :slight_smile: I am NOT opposed to the idea!!! Excited, more like it!! Hehehe!! I honestly hope you aren’t feeling pressured by my attempt at being funny!

Not quite sure what a Glowforge party would look like, but I don’t move mine much at all. Lol

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Hello, I’m about an HR away in a small town called Westmoreland. My GF should arrive on Tuesday. I’m so excited to get started.

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WELCOME WELCOME!!! I think we should have a slumber week! LoL. Not Night. Slumber week!!!

In the next week or 2 I need to bring my embroidery machine in for service to Murfreesboro, we should meet for a coffee

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@cking9250 SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!!! Lets do it!!!

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I don’t think you would have to pack up shop. I would say as long as 1 GF is present out of the 2 or 3 or 4 people, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I mean I don’t know that for a fact since I have never ever done anything like this before. I thought it would be cool if we decided to print something that we could work as a team. And I am not scared to let someone that has one use one. I think I would get more out of collapsing then putting someone through the stress of making them load up shop!! I mean, BY ALL MEANS, bring all of the cool stuff that you have that is worth showing off, that isn’t a nightmare to travel with!! I don’t know…others might feel differently. But that is just my take on it. And I could be wrong. But I will never know if I don’t try I guess! :slight_smile:
I just think it would be cool to meet others, share what each other know or don’t know, share work and ideas, share past accomplishments, play a little with what we have. I think it would be awesome. And I am very BLESSED to have everything that I have and to have a set up as I do. And I don’t want anyone to feel like I am bragging, but I have quite the setup. Especially for being less than a year in, heck, less than 6 months in. I have plenty of room and plenty of tools. I have some material, too! And it would be really awesome I think for @cking9250 to get to meet up with someone IN PERSON, is that she literally has zero hours running time so far! What a way to work that learning curve! Oh man, if only everyone had a chance like that!!!

I will post a video showing my workspace just to show I have plenty of room;)


I would love to see a video of your work space. My gf just called in last night. It’s sitting in the box on the floor yet… Going to unbox it this morning before work. Yay.

I will post a video. I have been very hesitant to do so because I do not want anyone to think I am bragging. I was offering to do so to show that I have PLENTY of room to do whatever most of us could come up within our minds to create and make. I am OH SO VERRY BLESSED!! My hubby has given me quite the setup. I have anything he could possibly think of. Some of it I do not even know how to work!!! He has really given me an opportunity of a lifetime. And I am oh so grateful. I will try and post a video here. My table is definitely the dream table. He built it. And it is My GF’s hangout spot. It has turned out to be very useful. I will show a clip of the workshop, in hopes that whoever is able knows that I have room for all of us to play!



That is an awesome space. I have a craft room that I share a little bit with the hubs as his office corner. I have many scrapbooking supplies, my silhouette stuff, I also do embroidery and some sewing, and also sublimation. I don’t have Windows in that room so for now the gf is going on my dinning room table. Lol.

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Lovely space! I envy you. Mine is in my living room because my house is small. I have a shop out back but no power and no insulation.

My GF is in the basement and my other tools are in the garage or bike barn. But my wife is now getting her own space on the 2nd floor because we have finished having our kids at home (last one graduates college in May) so I’m converting a room for her to use. Got rid of some furniture and replaced it with an elevating table for her sewing fabric cutting and sewing machine. New lights, etc. are all in progress.

Just needed to not have kids around. Who’da thunk? :smiley:

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