Looking for Easy To Use Vector Software

Looking for an easy-to-use vector software, preferably free, to create simple 2D objects that I can save directly as .SVG file, import and print on the Glowforge Aura. Essentially just simple mechanical drafting i.e. lots of straight lines and a few curves. Nothing fancy. Would like to cut or engrave components out of thin plywood for building miniature model structures. Tried Inkscape but it does not work on either of my computers. (Mouse acts squirrely and no real control. No help from Inkscape community). Thank you.

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Wow. Inkscape would be my recommendation. I have been using it for more than 5 years on a PC with Windows along with many others here and never had, or heard of any mouse issues. Makes me wonder about your mouse… :thinking:


Im guessing they’re using the Mac port, which has always been awful.

It works fine on Linux and while I’ve never tried the Windows port I imagine it gets a lot of attention to make it work well but they barely put any effort into making the Mac version usable which is why I generally point Mac users towards Linearity Curve, Affinity Designer, etc.


Thanks for that understanding. :+1:


If you’re focusing on 2D, I’d suggest Cuttle as a good starting place. You can have up to 5 active designs at once on their free version so you can get a good feel for it. Plus there are lots of templates pre-made for many things so you can open one of those, and if you want to mess with it more than the settings allow you can make a copy and do whatever you want with it :slight_smile: The creator is here on the forum too, so nice and responsive!


Thank you. I did hear from some folks from the Inkscape community. Others have indeed experienced the problem I was having. Tried numerous suggestions including a new mouse. Nothing seems to work. The computer I wanted to use it on is still Windows 8.1 by choice, not upgrading due to other software that will not run on 10). Thought that might be it. Tried using Inkscape on a MS Surface with Windows 10 and a completely different mouse. Works better, but still not correctly and screen way too small. When you drag a tool, mouse will not release it easily or not at all. Never seen anything like it. Even worked with an Inkscape volunteer support person who answered a post. He has heard this before from other users but could offer an explanation or solution. Spent many hours trying to resolve and have finally given up on Inkscape. Have tried other free vector software like Infinity Designer but they are way overkill for what I want to do and either cost after a short free trial, and/or a steeper learning curve than what I would want to invest in. Other simpler free packages don’t offer saving files in .SVG requiring still other software to accomplish that. My needs are exclusively 2D simple mechanical drawing, with precise measurement capability working on a grid, not unlike old school graph paper, saved directly as SVG so I can upload to Glowforge Aura, then print nice crisp flat model structure components. My search and trials continue but thought maybe some other user has similar needs and can make a recommendation.


That is weird. According to what I read inkscape can be used with any windows from 7 onward. Too bad because there are so many helpful youttube videos for it.


I’ve heard that some people actually use PowerPoint to generate their vectors. I haven’t used it for many years but it might be just what you are looking for.


Thanks! I have PowerPoint and will take a look. I tried Excel to get some parallel lines etched, like for building siding. Worked beautifully to get the drawing I wanted but could only save to PDF and lines were not vector. Printing quality, assuming pixel not vector, not great. Drawback with MS Office, artwork can only be saved as PDF thereby limiting printing options in Glowforge. Ideally need to save as SVG.

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I would definitely +1 the Cuttle recommendation above. It’s a very useful tool.


Thank you Deirdre Beth. Will take a look at Cuttle. Sounds like what may work for me.


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A lot of teachers use Tinkercad with their students - it sounds like it has the features you’re asking for.

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Heard of Tinkercad and some other modelers I know of use it for 3D resin printing. Thank you. Will check it out as well.

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