Looking for single line script font!

I use Silhouette Business Edition. No, not Inkscape. I’m looking for single line font to engrave or score on the GF. I already know about Dear Agatha & that is not something I care for. I want a script, a calligraphy, something that is going to show as a single line that isn’t outlined like allllll my fonts tend to do from Silhouette BE. I don’t want to go Inkscape, so please help with SBE.

So, in Inkscape, you’d just…

The term you’re looking for is single-stroke font. They’re hard to find for any software, there aren’t that many of them.

The good news is that they’ve come up on the forum before:


Reading through those threads can probably get you going in the right direction.

Getting the font installed is step one. Getting it into SBE, I’m not sure how that works, I am not an SBE user. There are some people on the forum that use it (not too many, but some), they might be able to help you with any other details that aren’t covered in the threads I linked for you.

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I use SBE to design for my glowforge. I don’t normally have any issues with my fonts showing up as an outline, as you described, unless I’ve set the font to score in the glowforge interface. If I want the font to be “filled in,” I set it to engrave. If you do really want that single line sketch style, however, I do have a few of those that I downloaded to my SBE software to use with my Foil Quill. I believe I found them at sofontsy.com. They have some free fonts to download as well as free single line sketch patterns and designs that were intended to be used with the Foil Quill, but you can use them with the glowforge as well. As for some specific font names to try there’s Rhapsody Sketch, Beautiful Dreamer and Windswept Swirl. These are all cursive script type fonts. I wouldn’t necessarily call them calligraphy, though. At least they are not what I consider calligraphy. You can also try googling Foil Quill compatible fonts to find more options.


You really need to check out this utility written by forum member @bill.m.davis :


There is an Inkscape extension for single line fonts.

There is another generator here. To use it, save the live demo page to your computer and open it with a browser.


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