Loud vibration / buzz when fan is running

My GF has started making a very loud sound, like two parts are vibrating against each other, when the ventilation fan is running. If I apply pressure to the rear left panel, in the area where the ventilation port is, it will stop.

I can post a video if it I f necessary, but it will have to wait until I get home from work later this evening.

Did you disconnect the hose and check to see if something flew back and got lodged in the fan? You can also turn the fan manually from the back a bit and see if something is out of whack, like fan blade broken.

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I’ll check, but I don’t think that’s it because I can push in on the rear panel and it stops.

Could be a loose screw or something. Happy hunting!

That’s my hope.

Per instructions from support, I gave the unit a thorough cleaning including removing the exhaust hose and cleaning the exhaust port and hose. It wasn’t very dirty.

Here is a video of the vibration. It might be subjective, but it doesn’t seem as loud as it did before. But you can see as I touch the back of the GF, that the vibration stops.

Apologies for the shaky cam.

Also, here is a pic showing the exhaust port (before cleaning, and before I took the video linked above).


I would guess a resonance between the aluminum back plate (which spans the full length of the back) and the plastic case.
I would see if wedging the tip of a toothpick between the fan grill and case there inside of the duct port would stop it. If so, a careful application of silicone around the inside edge at the fan grill after cleaning it thoroughly might fix it.
Of course all depending on what support says.


There seems to be some low density foam in there, I suspect to prevent this issue. It’s probably popped out of position. Poor choice of material, IMHO.

I did reach in there to feel if the fan was at all loose. That does not appear to be the case.


That fan shouldn’t be loose. There is an Allen head screw in each corner, I would check those.

It’s not loose.

Oh, you mean it spins freely. I see.

No, I meanI checked the fan housing and it is firmly attached.

Sorry, I misread that - twice!


Had to get a “clean” one of these.


That is a weird vibration for sure that shouldn’t be there. Hope you get a resolution because the fan can be annoying enough without a resonant buzz joining in.


It seems to have stopped doing it. I guess whatever was rattling has either rattled itself back into place, or rattled itself completely loose.


All right – if it starts again, please let us know!

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