Low Power Mode



When can we play with this? I missed my chance when it was available for that super brief period, and cant wait to get access to it again. Ive already had a couple of projects where it would have been incredibly useful. I hope its soon!


It looked like the only thing holding it back before was the proofgrade settings.

I’d love to see it make a comeback soon too.


I wonder if the list for the production units mentions it and whether it’s in the ready or not ready column?


Doesn’t look like the Pre-Release folks will be able to help the Production users with the Low Power settings when it’s released since we have had so little experience with it. Can’t even remember where I put my cheat sheet for it.


I don’t even think I ever had the lows.


I would have but my unit borked that night, and wasn’t back up until a few days later… So never got to experiment. Would be nice to give it a whirl. Also not sure why on the last update they didn’t plug in the manual settings we constantly have to type in for the Proofgrade materials… Seems a 10 second fix.


With actual Production units being delivered in a matter of days, I’d expect them to update the Proofgrade settings and open the Design Store/Catalog. As PRUs, it was reasonable to ask us to manually tweak settings, but not so much for the first production recipients.


Settings are different for the different PRU units…some of them apparently have the Pro model tubes for testing. And since they are only releasing the Basic production units now, their settings on the interface will probably be set for those.

So those folks who have the more powerful tubes will need to continue to manually enter their settings until they receive their production units. (The Pro models will have a different interface and I wouldn’t expect to see that one until they actually start shipping Pro model Production units.)

Anyway, that’s why I think some Pre-Release users are still having to manually enter the settings.


Except for 100% power settings it shouldn’t matter much - and then the higher power tubes just have to bump up the speed. We might see some more edge charring or flashback with the lower speeds but that’s either a non-issue (edges) or handled by the masking (flashback). No reason not to push them now.

In fact, the settings I’m using are higher power and slower speeds than the PG settings appear to be but it looked like I got a hotter tube from other results I was seeing.


Don’t know…I was toasting the living daylights out of everything I tried to print when I first got the PRU three months ago. I didn’t know enough about it at the time to know what to dial back, but I sent a photo to Rita showing some results and she sent back the suggested settings list to use until she told us otherwise.

(I wonder if I wrote any of the original Basic interface settings down anywhere…might be interesting to see how they’ve changed since then. I’ll bet they have.)


I’m still using the numbers given to us as I’ve never been told otherwise and they work well for me.
I do hope that they have the production units in a true push the button mode for :proofgrade:


Me too, just would be awesome to not have to correct every single time… Since the numbers are seemingly unrelated to the ones they gave us (not even close) they could update the build?


I believe we’re all using the same Basic interface. If they updated it for the PRU units, it would be the wrong settings for the Basic Production units. (And those need to be accurate.)


I didn’t. Since I had to enter them anyway (told to in my first email) I didn’t really bother to look.

I did my calibration test for my non-PG stuff but never bothered to do it for PG materials.


Eh, just idle curiosity… :slight_smile:


I’m still using the same numbers, too. Never been told differently.


Well then.


As totally amazing as that is I currently can’t come up with a practical use. However scoring paper, tons of uses.


Great! Time to test this one again. (And start redetermining manual settings I suppose.)


Yeah… I was just looking at a test piece of wood that I’d done about 15 tests of power/speed on. Guess I can throw that away now. :wink: