Luan Cutting / EngravingPower?

Can someone help me determine a good baseline for cutting some Luan?

The luan is about .16" Thick.

What would be a good baseline settings for cutting?

What would be a good baseline setting for score / engraving etc?


Try searching for Meranti settings too.

You’d find this, among others:

That being said, you’ll be better off with testing than just trying someone else’s settings.

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I did a lot with Luan plywood, and the surface layer is thinner than paint and what is beneath looks really bad. I therefore either cut or scored all that I did,

As this is not about showing off what you have made and is discussing non-pg settings and materials it needs to be in the Beyond the Manual section. I can put it there for you,


Thanks for sharing this. It’s super helpful as I’m super new to this.