Machine leaking fluid /Orange Light /Not Cutting

We just got our Glowforge Pro a month ago and last night a lot of fluid leaked out while the light turned orange and a cooling error message came up. We were cutting the same type of wood that we have several times before. We let it rest today and recently tried to cut again and now it’s not cutting all the way through the exact same wood and its not recognizing or cutting any images on the right hand side of the screen. The fluid tube seems to be empty or very low.

There is a reservoir of fluid. Can you post a photo of it showing the fluid level? Where did the fluid leak out of?

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The fluid was just running out of the bottom of the machine. We have a towel underneath it now and it’s still wet.

Yeah, that sounds like it either sprang a leak in the fluid reservoir or there might be a hairline crack in the tube.

Unplug it from the wall and wait to hear from support, there isn’t anything else that you can do until you hear from them.

Sorry for the bad news, although it’s still under warranty at a month in, so they’ll get you fixed up.

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Yeah it seems like something is majorly wrong because it’s not cutting or anything anymore. We are so bummed because we LOVE it so far!

This is the towel we have had underneath it since last night. The circle is the amount of fluid it’s collected.

This is where I see a liquid. This is also where something, more than likely, this coolant was dripping from the underneath which is whats on the brown towel.

Now the machine is over there whirling like it’s about to cut something after sitting quietly for minutes!? Sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

You really need to cut the machine off. Unplug it. If you’ve had that much coolant leaking, you’re not going to be able to resolve anything without supports help.


It is off. My husband was trying to troubleshoot some things he saw online. Will support contact us or do we call them?

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This post has opened a support ticket. They will be in touch.


What is the number for support? It’s been over 24 hours and no one has contacted us.

There is no contact telephone number for support. Try to be patient…they will be in touch as soon as they’ve helped others that are in the queue ahead of you.

Apparently they have a number somewhere on the website now for support. You can call and leave a voicemail but not sure what happens after that.


That’s great. Sounds like patience will still be a virtue even with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something needs to happen soon. We have responded by email, sent the info they asked with pictures and now we just sit and wait for a return email??? From all these inquiries who knows when some one will respond. This machine is just over a month old. We might need to see how to get out of this because to me this is bad business. We have people wanting things, just made the first payment on the machine and I bet the finance people isn’t going to prorate a payment while we sit and wait. We’re being patient but my goodness this is something else. 1 month old.

Hello Carl,

My name is Alex and I am with the technical support team here at Glowforge.
First, let me sincerely apologize for the delay in getting back to you. This is not the experience we want for our customers.
I understand how frustrating this must be and I would like to help get you printing again as quickly as possible.

I have reviewed this and unfortunately this is not a problem we can solve remotely. We will need you to return the machine and we will get a new one shipped out to you.
I am going to move this to email to get this order placed.

I saw you mentioned you emailed us. Can you confirm the email you reached out to us at so I can send the next steps there?

Thank you and I look forward to getting this resolved for you.

Best Regards,
David W reached out to us.

David W reached out to us at my other email,
Please send any correspondence to either address.

@misspolkadotlollipop We will email you about getting this order placed at this email.