Machine not calibrating after multiple attempts stuck on "scanning"

Someone posted a similar issue earlier today as I’m having. I do have a ticket in with support, but it’s been over 3 days with no response, and a lot of custom orders piling up so hoping to get some help from the community! Glowforge is not updating the bed image, with an infinite spinning “scanning” (occasionally “centering”) with no movement from the laser head. The picture I see when I turn on the machine is of my last print. It runs through the click cycle then nothing happens. Below is everything I’ve tried (not in any particular order):

-reinstalled wifi
-unplugged router
-reconfigured wifi
-cleaned camera and top of laser head
-checked connections on all 5 lid ribbons
-checked connection on laser head ribbon
-centered laser head and booted up
-logged out of webpage
-restarted computer
-unplugged machine

  • turned machine on with lid open allowing for updates and reset ( saw it on an old thread here to try it).

Ticket # 169124

Please HELP! Holiday season is a terrible time to be having my machine out of commission!

Thanks so much,

If you have already emailed support and have a ticket, this just opened a new one. Support will have to reconcile your two open tickets before they can continue to assist you. This is detailed in the pinned post at the top of this topic in the forum.
I don’t see much more you can do; I would wait for support to get back to you.

Please remember that you purchased a laser cutter that is really a hobby level product. If you are attempting to use this for a business, you should have a backup plan in place because mechanical systems will eventually fail.

was just interesting to me that people are getting quicker help through the community posts then through support, and any notice of my problem is better than no notice as my ticket has gone no where with an email asking for a rating of the help I received. I understand it may have been an automated email asking for a rating, but still weird because usually you don’t see anything about “how was your service” until the ticket is closed. Thank you for your words, but they were unnecessary as it doesn’t help at all with my problem. Happy holidays.

Please notice that you didn’t include the part about receiving the survey in your original post.

I will make sure I don’t try to assist you again. Good luck.

It sounds like you’ve pretty thoroughly covered the bases. The only thing I can think of that it might be is a lid cable issue, and we can’t see anything beyond the tests you’ve run, so it does require support to step in and take a look at your logs.

There is a list of tests that we’ve put together for checking for potential lid cable issues below, but it sounds like you might have run through most of them already. (You can check it to see if you missed anything.)

Keep in mind, we’re just guessing and eliminating other common issues. Hope that’s all it is, it’s a fairly simple fix.

I’m so sorry hear about the trouble with your Glowforge.

I see that we have already working on this through email to get you a replacement cable, so I’m going to close this thread.

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