Machine : Stuck on scanning until I restart the machine :

At around 7:20 pm Eastern time both my machines got stuck in Scanning and only work now when I restart and print and than stuck on Scanning and than I have to Restart the machine again. This is a new behavior I have not seen on the glowforge .

8:03 pm Eastern Time Behavior continues.

Scanning Restart print: Scanning Restart print : What happened ?

Any ideas ?

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from one of your units (GMK-249) to review the most recent print attempts.

Based on the error message you are receiving, this is normally associated with the black cable on your Glowforge’s lid experiencing trouble. I’d like to review the log files from your alternate unit to see if the same behavior is occurring.

Could I please obtain the serial number for your alternate unit, so that we can review if it experienced the same trouble?

We’ll send over the next best steps once we can confirm the serial.

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The cable is almost brand new, I dont think that is the issue , I also have a spare cable but its happening on both machines, so Im think there was an update maybe ??

I noticed the Scanning is taking place when the laser is in its reset position .
This make no sense at all , It has to be software related, was there an update.

It happened at 7:20 Eastern time.

I agree, it’s highly unlikely given how recently you replaced the black cable. That said, the logs from the unit @MarcM looked at indicate a failure to take a successful image of the bed. In most cases, when we see this as an intermittent fault, it’s a sign that a part is falling but hasn’t yet completely failed.

It’s also possible, though less common, for the failure to be elsewhere in the electrical path between the camera itself, the white cable, or the LED strip.

The logs demonstrate that it clearly isn’t a network issue, but when it’s getting stuck, the reason is because it’s failing to capture the images.

No, not a software update.

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I tried the new cable , it did not work,

Something else is wrong,

The problem can be repeated over and over again now. Its up and running in 40 seconds after I restart the machine. and it perfect.

I have never seen a thread with this issue ever , in the 2 1/2 years I have been on the forum. If there is a thread let me know where it is .

Could you take photos of the connections for both the black and white cables on the lid? It would also help if you can take a photo of the complete left side LED strip.

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So the Scanning starts after the Print is over . That is where its getting stuck.

This is when I need to Restart the machine. Thank I will be up and running quickly.
I will take some pictures.

That’s consistent with what we’re seeing in the logs. There aren’t any post print lid images captured for your past several prints. I’m curious, are you opening the lid after the print when you restart, or are you leaving the lid closed?

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Leaving it closed.
Taking the pictures with the light on is not coming out well

That’s interesting, thank you for letting me know! I took a look at the images from your lid camera and the quality seems exceptionally poor.

Still very much the same line of questions, but a few more -

  • Have the lights in your Glowforge been having problems? Exceptionally bright or dark? One side brighter than the others? (I don’t expect the answer to be yes, but I’d rather ask than not.)
  • Have you noticed the quality of the preview of the bed decreasing over time? Since you have two units, how do the views of the bed compare to each other? (If you can let me know the serial number of the other unit, I’d be happy to pull logs for a comparison.)
  • How is the camera on the lid? Any signs of damage to the camera or the connection to the white cable? Also, if you attempt to turn the camera (gently) does it move freely? It should be secured in place.
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Sending pictures in a minute:

Lights are fine
Preview bed has been fading some as i noticed today i cut over some material , So yes on that.
Camera is secure.

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So based on that i did see the picture fading today and cut over material that was already cut , what are my options ?

Thank you for all of those. I’ve pulled images from your lid camera from a little over a year ago (September 2019) and compared against the ones from this month, and the difference is stark enough that I strongly suspect the lid camera itself is the problem.

I’d prefer to not say definitively until I’ve had a chance for a few of the engineers on the team to take a look in the morning. If there’s anything we can do to prevent needing to have your unit sent in for repair, I’d like to make sure that we investigate it thoroughly. Unfortunately, if the lid camera itself is failing, that isn’t something that we can send a replacement part for.

I’m sorry, I wish I had better news. We’ll follow up tomorrow with next steps.

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Ok will they contact me on this thread ?

Yes, though if the finding is that we can’t resolve this remotely, they’ll notify you in the thread and then close it and follow up in email to work our the service details with you.

Ok thank you for excellent service. Thank you.


Ive been having the same problem along with many many many other people - I’m sure it has something to do with their cloudbase software

This is where Customer service falls apart. I hope they dont forget about me now >
I am still waiting to hear what to do with my machine ?