Machine trouble

Apparently, I can’t voice my opinion about my machine on this form without having “staff” jump in.

Glowforge support does not monitor the forum. All you are doing is spamming other users.


thats nice

Support won’t see this and nobody here can help since this is your first post and doesn’t describe what the issue is. Perhaps our collective here might have solutions if you were to share your concerns?

Pretty sure no one here can help. Refurb machine received late December with a broken print head. Replacement head was out of stock for three weeks. Just got new print head in last week and now the back wheel on the tube is rubbing a hole in one of the tubes on the back. Customer service is nonexistent. There is no way to reach them besides email and its been a week since my email with no response. Hence my frustration

Yup. Doesn’t sound like anything the community can help with.

It’s the unfortunate reality of buying a budget machine. Their support has always been poor but it seems to have gone over the cliff lately.

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Wow, sorry to hear. If you could upload a pic here of that area that is wearing someone might have a suggestion you could try.

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It appears as though that wheel is off the track. Is that just an illusion from the camera angle? When you gently push the gantry back to the back wall is it square? The hose should be close but not touching. If it were my machine and after the gantry was square I would strap a zip tie around the hose and the tube then gently snug it up until there is a little clearance there.


That is the angle. I could do a temporary fix, yes, but I don’t think that I should have to and I am frustrated that I have had issues from the get go with this machine now.

Yes I certainly hear you and agree. Some quality assurance is slipping on those refurbished units I think.

Sorry for the frustration, yes I agree you shouldn’t have to, but if I were looking at having to box it up, ship it back, and wait for another replacement, I would probably see if I couldn’t use a zip tie and pull that coolant hose back just a bit without crimping it. Tape might be a viable option also, tape would also put a layer of protection on the hose.
There really isn’t much room there, maybe a zip tie would be too thick. I’m surprised you found that. I had to go look at the machine to find where a hose crossed the rail - and I’ve had my machine more than 4 years. Good eye!


Haha, me too.

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My husband found it when cleaning the machine last week. I’m just pissed that this is happening and that there is no real way to get ahold of customer service. I wish I would have researched machines more!

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I understand and sympathize. :+1:
The only reason I have a laser at all is because of the entry-level price. The next step up is a big one.

The issue As I see it from the examination of my machine compared to your picture is a minor clearance problem. I’m not trying to minimize your complaint, just pointing out it may be an easy fix, as opposed to jumping through all the hoops of packing it up, shipping it, and waiting to get a replacement - and possibly another issue.

Your post here has time-stamped your problem report. If the issue progressed to failure I would expect the company to honor your claim, from what I have seen here of them handling customer problems here over the last 6 years. IMO the reason and inspiration you had when you threw your money at this are not misplaced.
I just wish everyone had my experience, 4 years and counting with no problems. I’m just another user with a better experience than you had, unfortunately.

If this is on the right side behind the tube, mine is the same. No issues in over 4 years. There’s no relative movement between the hose and that guide wheel.

To be honest, and I’m not making light of your concerns, I’ve read a lot of posts over the years and I don’t recall any where the wheel rubbed against that hose so more research would have been unlikely to point that out. I think it’s a one off issue and a simple fix since it hasn’t worn completely through yet.

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I agree… Tape it up… zip tie it… spend a whole 5 minutes doing so and move on. In the grand scheme of things that can go wrong with a laser… this is about as minor as you can get as long as that wheel is on the rail where it’s supposed to be. It will take you longer to clean your lens and mirror windows than it’s going to take to move that hose the required 2mm.


To be clear, mine shows signs of “rubbing”…

I have no concern.

Mine has approximately a 1/8 inch gap: