Made another mini clock

This one is going to a silent auction for a cat rescue. You may have seen my other similar clock; I had to redesign it for the new movements I was able to get on Amazon. I made this one out of Baltic Birch. Also I beveled the edges of the windows just for some interest. The decorative part is made in a stained glass pattern by engraving the lines, and staining the colors using alcohol markers. The rest of the clock was stained an English Chestnut color then finished with a satin waterbased finish. Like my other clock, the inner front face is attached with magnets so you can remove the movement to change the time and battery.


You really need to be selling those…they are so freaking cute! :grinning:


Ditto. It’s a really cool take on the grandfather clock motif. Nice details. :+1:


This is so great. Love the materials you used.




Oh this is a lovely design! I’ve bought a few of those exact same clocks myself as they are wonderful to use. These will make great presents! :heart_eyes:


It’s adorable! Love the detail … and the magnetic front!!!

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This is a fantastic project! Also, thanks for helping cats. :smiley_cat:

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I really love how you use the direction of the grain as part of the design. This is beautifully done.

Gosh. It’s really lovely.

Beautiful! I had missed the original post so I’m glad you linked back through.

What size magnets are those? They look tiny!

This is SO good, @cynd11! I’m glad I got to see it.