Mini clocks: Craftsman and Mantel

We have this really gorgeous Craftsman style clock on our fireplace mantel, an anniversary gift from quite a few years ago. It’s a Schlabaugh & Sons clock with Motawi handcrafted tile, and it looks like they are still making them. I thought it would be fun to try making a mini version. The original is 14" high, but my mini clock is just under 6" high. I sized it to fit a watch face from a cheap watch I bought on Amazon–the face is 35mm in diameter. Then I made a tile for the lower section using the colored pencil on copper method that I used for this item.

I used Proofgrade cherry plywood and veneer for the project. I think if I make another clock I will choose wood with a finer grain so it will look more in scale. It was pretty challenging to come up with a method for removing the clock face for setting the time and changing the battery. I ended up embedding the tile and the clock on a Canson watercolor artboard, with Sewell Airstick microsuction tape behind the watch face to create temporary hold (works great!). Then the whole assembly snaps in place inside the open-bottomed clock with magnets in each corner.

I then got another idea for a clock, and got a little smarter this time. I found a mini clock face that is also 35mm in diameter but much better suited for making clocks. Decided to make a classic mantel clock with the curvy top. At first I thought I’d use a living hinge for the curve, but decided instead to construct the clock from layers of PG plywood (walnut in this case) and walnut veneer on a curve. I made the little decorative strip along the front and sides by 3D engraving a file that featured a row of spheres.

Photos below show the original clock as well as the two new ones with banana for scale.



Those are really great! Wondering where you found the huge bananas


ROFL! I was looking for the minis…then realized, duh! Those are the minis! :smile:




Very nice! I’m digging on those beveled cuts there :sunglasses:


Not quite 1/12 scale, but you’re getting there!

Really nice work on both of them. Now I have to go looking for old watches to add to my growing collection of miniature stuff!


These are amazing!!! Wow! I’m in awe of your talent!


Have been buying up those mini clock faces myself. Love your designs!

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Beautiful way to pass time