Magic button doesn't work, Help!

Hello, fairly new-ish owner. I have a Pro, I have used it about a dozen times or so. I engraved earlier today. However the teal magic button when it’s time to start the cut, is not engaging. So it sets the cut up, it homes and centers, gives me the work time, starts blinking teal to go but when I press the button it does not go. Help!??! I am in a pinch working on orders and I can’t find anything to explain why this is happening. I have shut the machine off, I have unplugged and let sit. I am at a loss.

edited to add:
It ended up being a faulty button and it wasn’t a connection on my side. glowforge remedied the issue.

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Teal means the GF is in connection mode to your WiFi. The button should pulse white when it is ready to cut. Your GF should only need to be connected to WiFi once; you may need to go through the setup again if you have started and not completed the WiFi setup.


Hi Ben1,
So when you hold the button down it doesn’t engage or sync with wifi. I have shut down, unplugged, restarted several times now. The button when held down doesn’t turn on or glow teal. It doesn’t respond at all. I have tested my wifi, everything else in my home is working flawlessly on the wifi.

It sounds like you will need Support for further assistance. The button connection may not be working properly.

It might take several minutes holding the button down to get to teal, and then you go through the setup process. Glowforge can be tricky with WIFI so everything else working is not diagnostic. Some have had to create a specific link as a “guest” network.

This is also a good outline to solve wifi issues and links to many other points of information.

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Hello! @karlyd192004 I am very sorry about the problem you are running into with your Glowforge button. I saw your email and already replied to you there. I am going to go ahead and close this forum topic to mitigate any confusion or miscommunication. I look forward to hearing back from you on email. Thank you!