Magnets...Oh the possibilities

So I like watching these kind of videos that teach you interesting things in interesting ways. I watched this video last night on new types of magnets and the possibilities for this new tech are huge, this is to include in our Glowforge projects. So watch and enjoy and if you like this one all his other videos are quite good as well. Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets


Ah you should check out the thread on these! Theyre badass… the one I ordered still hasnt arrived, I bet they got so many orders… maybe soon!


being that I play with magnets this is cool. what shapes could you build with a magnet that was more than just a north/south.


I have 2000 but in the US we cant buy them any more

I am in the US. I have 16,000+ magnets, now when I want more I buy them from China. ( ) I have not had a problem getting them.
bought a couple of the big zen sets before they quit selling them.
the cube in the picture I posted is made from 9,720 magnets. Takes a lot of them little suckers to make any thing of size.


Wow I didn’t think I had missed any posts, but what do you know. Is there a way to link this post to that one or just leave it as is?

Oh my goodness!! Programmable magnets!!

The topics are cross-linked now, so it’s wherever anyone wants to post from here on out. Just one of those things.

Cool, thank you.

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Why can’t we get them in the U.S. now?

I believe people were swallowing the magnets and they damaged their intestines. I cant remember the specifics, but there were articles online when the magnets were outlawed.

I heard the danger is when two magnets in different parts of your digestive system get drawn together, pinching whatever is between them. They may never come apart and, eventually, they may create a hole/tear. Bad news!

OMG, omg, omg!
That is so cool.

I know the dangers first hand. My 2 year old nephew ate 26 the day before my wedding. No one knew he had eaten them and he started throwing up. Here’s the X-ray.

Poor kid had to have them surgically removed. He’s fine now


Wow awesome work


Can see loads of potential uses for them.
Going to order some of the Spring type ones and see if I can come up with a way of using them on a display mounting for parchments etc. The possibility of restraining an object without actually putting pressure on its surface is very exciting (see my earlier comment, it’s that exciting).:slight_smile:

I’m right there with you! We’ve been thinking about magnets and how we can carve out perfect fitting spots to integrate them into our products we make on the glowforge.

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:scream: yikes… but I only count 22 in the X-ray… oh oh…

Glad he was fine and although it may damper the wedding - it makes a good story for later years (since ending came out ok)

Is it too soon to make any “save on a babysitter by sticking him to the 'fridge when you go out” statements? LOL
again - it is serious and can be tragic when this thing happens - no disrespect intended in any way (humor has always been my coping method) :slight_smile:


No worries! It is a good story and that kid is still sticking what ever he can find into his mouth. I might have been 22… I was a little distracted that day :wink: