Maker Faire name tag template?

My daughter filled out a name tag template to engrave at the NY Maker Faire, but the booth was so mobbed I told her I’d do it for her at home. Now I’m finally getting around to it, and have run into a problem: I can’t find the template anywhere. There’s the printable PDF that Dan posted for one of the earlier Faires, but not a clean SVG. I could make one from the paths in the PDF, but it has a ton of unjoined curves and it would be tedious to clean up. Is there any chance of getting the template file?

Also, @dan mentioned that the camera doesn’t pick up the light yellow background… it totally does. Very difficult to clean up traced images if any random blotches get picked up.


I used the PDF this weekend with great results. The default “Add Artwork|Scan” option in the GFUI did not pick up the yellow. I believe you can increase or decrease the contrast using ALT+up/down arrow.

The tag itself is one of the included designs in the app catalog you drop your designs into. It’s called “Classic Airline Luggage Tag” and if you’ve loaded many designs, you’ll have to scroll down and use the More link until there aren’t any more pages.

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Not the luggage tag one, the one with the Glowforge logo and gears. But maybe I’ll just use the luggage tag and call it a day.

That one is there too I think. I don’t recall the name and I can’t see them in the UI due to a firewall issue here at work.

You have your unit, now it the time to shine! make a colossal one that will make you and the kid forget all about prepackaged ones. Does your daughter have a fandom that she is very into that you can theme it to?

I know we all have to walk before we run but this would be a great place to play around.


It’s in the PDF included in this post.

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I know, I mentioned the PDF.

He’s looking for the actual design file on the GF in the app library. I can’t see the thumbnails (at work - issue with our firewalls) so I’m not sure which is the right one. I didn’t think to look for it last night when I got home as I was working on a couple of other projects in prep for a wedding this weekend.

Sorry. I didn’t catch that and read to fast missing that you had mentioned it and that it had issues with un-joined lines. It’s on the forth page and you can load the PDF and print it as is Just wanted to cross link to the original post with the file there. I haven’t run across the file elsewhere.

Here is a post of a picture of the namebadge for reference:

Here is the file in vectors. Red cut, blue one score and green another score. Left those different in case you want to differentiate between the outline of the tag and the outline of the gears and logo. Since the original was not in the Free Laser Designs, perhaps this is transgressing. I can take it out if so.