Making drawer inserts - app questions

I am making some inserts for our silverware drawer. When I creating boxes, I use a couple of websites where I enter the desired dimensions and the web app gives me a svg or pdf to use in illustrator/whatever.

Is there anything similar? I want simple interlocking strips…

I want it simple and I don’t want to work for it. :blush: suggestions?

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I don’t know of a site that does specifically that - but you might start with @geek2nurse’s design as a guide…


I don’t know of any websites for this use case but slicer for Fusion is perfect!
Simply make your rectangle in Fusion360 then export it to slicer and adjust from there.


I used and then modified on inkscape to make the tray I wanted. Clean silverware drawer


Sweet! These are responses I was looking for!

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Excellent. I forgot all about that option in festi. Perfect for making watch parts & tool trays for my watchmaking. I have been using plastic trays with shiftable inserts from Michael’s & Hobby Lobby (watchmaker “official” ones are stupid expensive) but I want to be able to have a cushioning layer for the high-end watches and the festi designer lets me create cutfiles for leather inserts for the tray too. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I have to be smacked in the forehead to remind me I have a laser :slight_smile:


That’s what I am shooting for! Nice work.

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