Material Placement

Help, I just got my Glowforge today and set it up. Prints ok. But my problem is where is the best placement for the material. It didn’t print where I put the artwork. It seems like the camera isn’t seeing the whole piece of proof grade material


That is the case. That is why I tend to favor the lower right for placement. Your material comes in 12x20 but your cutting area maxes out at 19" plus a bit and a bit under 11" and what shows on the screen is about that, starting at the lower right-hand side, so the upper left is what gets cut off.

While this may seem odd, the alternatives of being not able to fit material where you could cut, or see where you cannot cut does not seem to be much better.


The board is bigger than the usable area which is somewhere around 10.9 inches x 19 inches or so. You will see the areas sort of greyed out in your image and if your artwork overhangs such an area it will tell you No Artwork Found.


Please take a look at the diagram posted by @Jules in this thread. It helps lots of people understand what you have observed. Camera and cut not matching up


I recommend to ALWAYS use the “Set Focus” feature before any job, instead of manually setting thickness. I even do it on proof grade, even though I haven’t used proofgrade since my samples ran out.

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