Material Shop

There has been lots of talk about the design shop but was curious about the “Buy the design and material from Glowforge” does this mean that glowforge will sell materials? Will Glowforge actually have a shop in the Seattle/WA area to the point that local Forgers could just drop in and buy material?

They are going to sell them online at least - not sure about dropping by…

Per @Dan:
Yes - we haven’t determined materials and availability yet, but we will let everyone know here!

(see thread: Controlled cut depth?)

Is there any news on a material catalog and pricing?

I really want to know what this ‘sticker’ is on materials and if you buy it separately? or does it come on the material?

We’ll ship it on the material. We’re still deciding on the final material we want to use. Noted that you want to buy it separately - will put that in the idea hopper.

Mike, expect updates on the catalog much later down the road; our focus right now is on getting basic functionality rock solid.

With your material markings, can we get a block of reserved codes like UPC?

This will enable us to print on materials we source even if we have to go buy some special inkjet cartridge to do the deed.

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OK, will wait on materials and pricing. I’m just trying to get an idea of whether or not pricing will be reasonably comparable to generic sources

Dan, just an idea on materials, when you actually sell it of course. Since the bed is 12" x 20", can we have them in that size or close to it? I’ve been looking around on inventables and it seems that most if not all their materials are 6" x 12". I hope that you guys can match the bed size so we can make bigger items for maximizing project ideas. At least for the natural woods since I’m planning on using them the most. Thanks!


Definitely the plan.

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Great! That makes planning for projects much easier…knowing I won’t have to join 6" planks.