Maximum Cut Size Less Than 11"?


I’m not able to get anything > 10.97" to cut. I know that’s not much off from the 11" it’s supposed to (nevermind the eventual 11.5"), but still annoying. I made a bunch of designs at 11" and planned on simply importing and cutting. Now I have to scale everything just the tiniest bit.

At it’s simplest, my test was to make an 11" circle and import it (a clock face is the ultimate goal). It complained about not having any artwork. 10.9"? Same. Repeat down until 10.97" worked.

Not a huge deal, but considering I bought it for a 12" cut, I’m a little wary of any downward creep in capability.

Is this an issue with my files somehow, or is 11" not really 11"?

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11" is slightly less.


Perhaps the actual limit is metric as the machine actually uses metric units under the hood. For example the focus limit is 11mm whereas it should be 1/2" or 13mm.


Ran into the same thing the 19" direction. It’s quite a bit less, it was a complicated part too that took reworking not just rescaling. :frowning:


Nope. It’s only less than 19" if you are doing an engrave. If you are doing a simple cut then the usable design space is currently at least 10.95" X 19.45". I went through a dozen different rectangle designs to come up with those numbers and the maximum is likely just a hair larger but I got bored trying to find it.

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Thanks for your work on that!


Yup. I stand corrected, I had drawn it 19.5 and had to shrink it. My memory switched it to 19.


Thanks for letting us know! I’ve passed along your feedback to the team.

We’re working on software improvements that will increase the printable area.

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