Maybe I'm being obtuse, but something seems off here


Try putting in material height of 0” and 0.5” and see the difference for yourself. Also remember that the visual alignment can be in error by up to 0.25” at this point.


Thanks, not trying to be a jerk here, but I realize there will be a difference when there’s a half-inch height variance. I’m talking about the difference between the depth of the painters tape, and that of PG veneer. It has to be less than a millimetre.

Also, I wasn’t talking about the camera visual alignment. I posted a picture of a cut that extended off my board (placed to the bottom of the honeycomb) that continued onto the front handle of the tray. (last image, bottom left).


Well that’s were I started and it was off. So I moved it about 4 times. The images are just off the left side . I got tired of moving it trying to get it to start in the center.


Are the feet of the tray in the divots? Your tray is sitting much farther back in the machine than mine does. The handle of the tray on mine is pressed up tightly against the front door, and the lip actually goes underneath the shield.

Try removing the Passthrough shields, lowering the door and pulling the tray forward some. You might have gotten a passthrough shield that extends down a little too low in front, which would keep the tray from sitting forward as far as it’s supposed to. Those can be changed out, or you can just leave them off to run a couple of tests.


tray 4

If the tray isn’t seated in the divots, there are probably going to be some serious placement problems. (Just something else to check.)


Winner winner chicken dinner! I think this is it. I took the Passthrough shield off and was able to move the tray much closer forward to the front, and it appears to sit in the divots much better.

So with that in mind, I put the shield back in, and if I was able to lift the back of the tray up a bit to tilt the tray handle down just enough that I was then able to push (it’s a tight fit) the tray all the way forward again underneath the shield.

Also, I had no idea the whole front of the Forge came off/flipped forward like you’ve shown in your pictures. Wild.


Fantastic! :smile:

Yeah, the important bit for placement is to make sure the tray feet are all the way down in those divots, as long as those are seated, everything is aligned correctly.


The picture you showed of the round piece with the offcenter engraving appeared to be on the left side of the bed. You can expect the worst optical alignment over there.

You will get the best alignment directly beneath the camera that is in the middle of the lid.

If the alignment is off even more there, then you should post an example of that in your own post in #problems-and-support showing that.


I did . I started at the center and moved to the left and result are the same.


Yes I had the pass thru shield problem when I got mine.the door would not close with the tray in .I removed the pass thru and everything seems to be right now except for off and on alignment issues


Just something else I thought I would add here that I certainly found odd. While moving the tray certainly solved the bulk of my problem, more recent prints on the Proofgrade draftboard have highlighted another problem. My proofgrade draftboard is all between 0.125-0.25" larger than the honeycomb of my tray. Just seems weird to me that it wouldn’t be cut to fit. I’ve been able to solve this problem either by really strong magnets, or worst case, trimming it… but that really shouldn’t even be a thing.


Left-to-right or front-to-back (or both)? What are the overall dimensions of your draftboard?


I’ve had it be short but not longer than the honeycomb - which would be a problem with it resting on the black plastic edges as those would raise the whole thing off the bed. I’ve forced non-PG stuff that was longer to be flat for the cut/engrave using really strong magnets :slight_smile:


Ditto, esp if I’m working toward the other side, but this is the first I’ve heard of Proofgrade being oversized…


Left to right.

As others have said, I was able to hold it flat with magnets for the most part.

I suppose I should be clear, it’s not like I’ve got a dozen sheets. I’ve got the beta sheets that were sent with the unit, as well as another 6 that I ordered afterwards. I should check my boards, I’m wondering if there is any correlation between the PF marked ‘beta’ and the length issue.


I’ve had a few sheets of Proofgrade that were shorter than expected (by 1/4" or so) but none that have been too long.


The beta sheets were a little wider, initially.

They probably vary a bit by batch.


@forhorsman, I’m glad you’re all set, and I’m grateful to you (and everyone) for the discussion. I’m capturing and communicating your feedback. Please post new threads as new topics arise.

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