Maybe Tuesday?

Not trying to steal @pigheaded 's thunder, I am on edge hoping his came tonight. If not they should get it tomorrow.

So I figured I’d check my ups too. It’s telling me mine is coming Tuesday!

Downside, I work 1130am-700pm, then immediately have to run up to MSP to pickup my mother, brother, and his fiance flying in from Florida, to stay the next few weeks.

Upside: i took a few vacation days next week to spend with them… Now we can spend that time together glowforging!


Family that Glowforges together, stays together :smiley:


@Sawa I’m off on Tuesday, I could come over and intercept err I mean accept it for you.


Tuesday would be a day that I absolutely could not intercept it, as much as i might wish to.


Nice try, but I’ve already given my wife explicit instructions for accepting and handling the packages.

When it’s all setup you are certainly welcome to come visit and run a project or seven. I’ll be keeping you guys posted.


I’d grab that invite, too, but I suspect you are a bit far for a day trip.

Southern Minnesota. About an hour south of the twin cities. Open invite to all~ but message me to work out a date. I have a full time job and kids to schedule around.


Ooooh, where? An hour south of the twin cities puts you pretty near my hometown, Mankato. I get back there occasionally to see family and friends. :slight_smile:


Ya, just about half hour to the east in Waseca


That’s funny. I’ve got an office that’s also about an hour south of MSP (Red Wing MN) too. But it’s an hour & half from Waseca :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m in Western Michigan, so that would have to be a weekend trip with possibly one day off work for me, to do it justice. If my Pro is too long delayed, I might just schedule that up with you.

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Of course, other things going on, I may be applying for a new position at work. It would be a big advance, but would probably cut me from work at home. Suddenly, I might have to choose between sleep and :glowforge: on a daily basis. Thankfully, I’m used to long weeks with little or no sleep.


Good luck on the promotion opportunity. For me, receiving the Glowforge will be a promotion from mere retirement to purposed, inventive, and creative retirement.



I worked at AOL for 14 years - never took a sick day or called out sick. I’ve been at my current job for 8 years (minus 1 year when they laid off) and never called out sick. I was dragged out of work in an ambulance when I had the heart attack ( The EMTs literally had to drag me away from my keyboard and I was in surgery within the hour). Was back at work (that was a Thurs) on Monday. A month later they decided I needed a bypass- went back to work within 3 weeks… So when I called my boss on Thursday and said I was waiting until my :glowforge: arrived - it was a big deal to me - and worth it. I’m bummed I had to go in the final 2 hours to run reports, etc but I was not going to miss my :glowforge: .
Sorry for the rant - hope it doesn’t sound self-serving or anything - just my point of view. My parents instilled a strong work ethic but sometimes you have to just do something for yourself :relaxed:

Now to get out of this forum and start cutting something…


With a work ethic and history like that, you deserve a few days off to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Agreed. Grats @PlGHEADED can’t wait to see what you’ve made first!


I think it’s a ruler :laughing:


I just saw the other post right after I wrote that.

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Poor boss! Probably thinks you’re having another heart attack… :laughing:

(said by a guy who had a PSVT episode himself two weeks ago)