Memorial Rose

Greetings to all!

I’m new. I just received a Glowforge, and I’ve finally set it up. If someone has created the memorial rose, please let me know. My family recently experienced a death, and I’d like to know the procedure or where I may obtain the file.
Again, I ask for your patience.
I’m learning.

Thanks in Advance


Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry for your loss. I don’t know what you mean by “the memorial rose” so I am not able to help in your search for this fie. In general, users that make files to share post them in the "Free Laser Design section of the forum. There are also many files to purchase in the Glowforge catalog. Etsy is a place to buy files as well.


Sorry for your loss.

If you’re looking for a file that has a rose on it - there are definitely those. To get a file, go to the post, right click on the line drawing, and select Save As - then drag or upload those to your Glowforge (:glowforge: ) user interface (GFUI)

A few options:

If you’d like to see what other folks have done for memorials, try these:


There are some public domain SVGs on Wikimedia Commons, if this is what you’re looking for,

and people sell templates on Etsy,


Yes that is it. Thank you all!

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