Merry Christmas! Nativity Ornament

I looked through her website before deciding how to handle the issue. She’s got lengthy legal statements there about copyright and intellectual property, which made it quite clear she understands the concepts. Moving a few nodes around here and there doesn’t make a design “new,” and hers is clearly recognizable as a derivative work of the one I drew from scratch. The presence of other works I recognized as stolen was enough to convince me. If I surprise a burglar leaving my home with some of my belongings, I don’t stop to have a friendly chat with them and offer them a chance to mend their ways before I report them to the authorities. This is no different.

I created that ornament as a gift to my forum friends, not for someone to sell for profit. Had she asked permission, I very likely would have worked out an agreement with her for using it, but she didn’t offer me the courtesy of contacting me first, she just stole it. I don’t owe her any more courtesy than she offered me.


it is not in my site, I do not know where are you seeing it.

Thank you for sharing your design(s) they inspire me to do more with my GF…if i onlyhad the time (and the material) i’d try and make everything i see here…LOL thank you again the ornament is adorable


I am not using the file you are mentioning, I have geometric designs in my site, which I turn in glow lamps. Geometric glow (634.6 KB)
Enjoy the file.

If you designed the structure yourself, or purchased the rights to use and/or sell it, my apologies. But as you specifically stated that you downloaded the file I linked to and then requested help with assembly, and now you’re selling them on your site, and we’re in discussions over other allegedly stolen (as in you do not have the commercial rights to use them) files, I’m sure you can see why I would be skeptical.

In any case, I can’t use a file you shared as I’m not sure I wouldn’t be infringing on someone else’s copyright. But thank you for the offer.

I’m not going to comment further on here as I’ve said what I think needed to be said. I do hope you’ll go through the files you’re selling and make sure you have commercial rights to sell not only finished copies, but digital files, of any of the items you didn’t personally design. It can be very expensive if someone sues you for copyright infringement.


My hand-drawn design in pink, @francis.timpone’s in black. Decide for yourselves.

[Edit: centered the items with respect to each other to show the matching lines more clearly.]


Please stop. We are not fools. These files are more similar than they are different.


I just asked and download your file, since I was having issues putting together something similar and thought to check what I was doing wrong, my mistake and I’m sorry I asked.

FWIW, it is not my file. Now please read the rest of the message again.

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@francis.timpone…It’s one thing to just outright lie to all of us, but if nothing else I hope you’re at least able to admit to yourself that you’ve done something very wrong. You are the one who must live with your conscience.


I am not going to continue trying to prove myself. I had that design in paper from long time ago. Sorry you keep thinking that.

Then either I came to your house and secretly copied your paper design, or you copied mine that was freely available online. Because the similarities are 'way too close to be coincidence.


@francis.timpone: IMHO you sound like someone we hear about in the news every day! Kinda hard to believe it’s not your fault! :sunglasses:


I am sorry @francis.timpone would do something like this to you and then to just continue to imply that nothing is wrong. Maybe consider contacting GoDaddy and filing a complaint with them and see if they will assist? I am sure they would not want any legal action to be taken against files hosted on their machines…

Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: 480-624-2505


I had not seen this until the unfortunate incident, but I just wanted to say that I really love this, and I want to make several for my family and me. Has anyone tried it in acrylic?

One of the reasons I love my Glowforge is that we always get a new tree ornament every year with the date on it. We have one going back to even before we were married. Now, I can make my own (well, with a LOT of help because I just cannot draw y’all). So I wanted to express my appreciation for folks that are willing to share their amazing talents, and sympathy that people rip it off.

Anyway, thanks so much @geek2nurse!


Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this!

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I love this so much. Here’s my take on it, using an LED base and @designvh619 's cover for the base (I did have to make the slot bigger, because apparently non-proofgrade 1/8 clear acrylic is thicker than proofgrade). I also got gold glitter acrylic for the star. Everyone in my family is getting one of these, so thanks @geek2nurse! Love it!


Ooh, I like it!!!


Hey, that came out great!


That looks great! Love the glitter acrylic!