Merry Christmas! Nativity Ornament

Wonderful design! Thanks for sharing!


Agreed the glitter really adds to an aready wonderful design


That’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your design!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful Christmas gift! We couldn’t find our nativity after moving and this is so nice to have. Thank you!!!


Love it and thanks so much! I needed a last minute thing for a few people. It will make a great gift! Made mine on PG walnut.


So, here is an example of how free designs are NOT supposed to be used. :frowning:

I’ve asked them to stop selling it and claiming it as their own work. We’ll see what happens.


This makes me so angry every time that it happens. I hope the thief is exposed and expelled from all forums and sales platforms.


Looks like they took it down.

I used yours as inspiration for the technique last year & made ones for the kids for their Christmas trees of our family homestead - forest, house, bear & snowman in 3 lines. Wanted to have something for when we move & sell the house they all grew up in.


I am so sorry, she thinks this is her design. I had this design in paper since 2016. I am changing designs I have in paper to wood, although a ton of design seem similar they are not the same, if you download both, you will notice that they are definitely not the same. I am attaching both design, they might be similar, but they are not the same. Nativity (15.9 KB)

attached is my design, although since I really do not like troubles, I’m changing the design to be completely different to yours, since I have some other ones I already have moved from paper to wood. I am attaching both designs, paper and wood, so you could see where I came from with that design. Did not even have a clue you had something like this in here until today.
Nativity (15.9 KB)

I am sorry she thinks I stole the design, but I did not, here is the paper design I used to create the wood design. I did this back in 2016, and I did not have a clue she have something like thisNativity (15.9 KB)

Hey @francis.timpone, we might have some miscommunications going on here, which is pretty common with this kind of thing. That’s something that needs to be worked out between the impacted parties.

I need to let you know though that one file that you do need to take down immediately is the Glowforge Moon Lamp. (What you are calling the Wood Carved Moon Lantern.)

Any Glowforge provided files are original, and for personal use only according to the Terms of Service and file descriptions. Continuing to sell it puts you in danger of losing access to the software. (They have the legal right in their TOS.) I’ve never seen them go that far, but they can and have banned a person from access to the forum permanently for trying to assist people to circumvent the controls they have in place to protect their designers’ copyrights, so to save yourself some potential trouble, you might want to take it down.

That’s just a friendly head’s up…they know most people don’t read the fine print. But Glowforge is very strict with copyright concerns. That file, and the other files that they provide, are a sales incentive for Glowforge customers. They aren’t for resale. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just realized that one was up, and it had already taken down, one of my people put it up. I tried to communicate with this person, and she is refusing to reply, and she already had me banned from one group in facebook, because she did not took the time to really check. Just because a design is similar to another one does not means you are stealing the design, and it really bothers me that she did that, she could have ask directly or at least that is what. I do when I find something very similar to my designs.

The Moon Glow picture is still up in your shop.


Yeah, understandable on all counts. We saw a lot of conflict in the early days of the digital cutters as well. Just make sure you can prove the originality of your designs…it’s hard to come up with actual original content these days, with all of the internet exposure, and this is just getting started.

In most cases, this kind of thing can be cleared up by direct communication between the parties, so I suggest taking it offboard to Private Messages. I’ve found that most people are perfectly reasonable once the shock has worn off, so just talk to each other.

Misunderstandings can happen. And everyone remember we’re all new at this.

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No, it’s not, refresh your cache. I took it down as soon as I realized it was there and it was buried at the very end, and that is why I did not see it earlier.

I have tried, and sent her proof that I had a design for paper from 2016, but she is just electing to ignore me, and cause me a lot of damage already.

The picture remains at this moment



I suppose it doesn’t matter if you stole this file or GF’s file or other files entirely (are you not also selling a version of this? Rhombicosidodecahedron files). None of it is OK. Rather than coming here and publicly trying to smear someone who is a well respected contributor to the community, I think you should right your wrongs, apologize where necessary, and move on. Just do better. And if you feel someone has wrongly accused you, reach out to them directly and work it out.

As for the FB group, perhaps you should ask the group admin why you were removed.