Michigan shaped bowls!


After reading @Jules post on some wooden bowls I thought I’d share some that I made a while ago. It’s not on a glowforge as I am still one of the unlucky ones who are waiting, but made on one of my other lasers (I own a chinese laser and a universal).

As I have 5 children as well as a laser business, I read most of the posts but really never comment as my time is quite limited! But I do like to read about what others have done in my “spare time”. I guess according to my kids that makes me a stalker. :grimacing: But, so be it. Anyway, I finally got the nerve to put some stuff out here.:blush:

About half of my business is through a little home town gift shop in Michigan where most items are made in Michigan so most of what I make has something to do with Michigan. Therefore I tried a couple of things with the contour bowls, playing around with a design at the bottom ending in somewhat of a circle and then also using the design at the top, tapering into a weird shaped bottom. Not sure yet which I like better??? Either way, fun to experiment.

And the last picture is just for fun! It gave me a chance to play around with contours at a different level. For anyone familiar with LDS temples, this is my version of the one in Salt Lake City. Really enjoyed making this, may never go anywhere with it, but it’s a fun piece to look at regardless!


Love that temple, very cool!


Yeah, great job on the temple! (I hope to find the time to play with modifying the contours on the sculpting one of these days.) :grinning:


Ohmygosh, your work is awesome! I especially love the temple, would love to try designing something like that.


Hard thing to choose which I like better but if it had stuff in it…I think the one with the outside shaped like Michigan wouod still be recognizable as opposed to the one with the shape at the bottom that would be covered up.

Nice job! And welcome!
I own my own company and homeschool an autistic child…so time is precious.
However, I’m thankful for this forum…its a great creative outlet, met some really cool, smart, amazing folks on here and its really been a game changer in resparking my creativity on the laserside of my business.
Hope to see more of you :smile:


Can’t wait to see your work!


Oh, trust me - it won’t be to that level. Chuckle! :smile:


I had the same thoughts. Thank you, and yes, time is precious! As much as I love time with my kids, I really cherish the time to create and be “in the zone” in my workshop!


Um, I think you mean “lower Michigan” shaped bowls. Or as like to call it Lesser Michigan’ :sunglasses:
Seriously though they look great.


Very nice work! :sunglasses:
Lurking perhaps, not stalking. Welcome to the inside! The community here is an amazing group of creative people from scientist to doctors, artists and engineers - and everything in between.
The ‘Show and Tell’ thread has over 2,000 posts in it, you should show us some more of your work. Pictures of your workshop are also enjoyed!

If you have a problem with a file, material or procedure, this is the place to throw it on the table. The support here is as good as it gets.


Ahh! You must be a yooper!

I stand corrected… LOWER Michigan is all I’ll give you. :blush:


An expatriated Yooper. Left there 26yrs ago for Minnesota but still consider Michigan home. For the record, I married a “troll” and truly love both peninsulas.


LOL, I was just about to ask if you planned a companion piece for yoopers. :wink:


Those pieces are very interesting. I really like the 3D look of the temple.
Related thought to the Michigan bowls:
I took a class once on designing sheet metal duct work and one of the important tasks was designing a square to round transition. I bet this technique would be applicable to this type of work. Basically you break up the bottom, lets say its a round into the same number of segments that you have in the Michigan outer design. Then a line is extrapolated from one form to the other and the shape gradually changes from the state outline to the round.
Might be worth trying if I get time.


Wow–your temple bowl is amazing. I’m sure you could sell those, with a great market for wedding gifts for the faithful. You could even do one for the major temple in each big city and market them as gifts for the couples who get married in that temple.


Very nice original work here. So glad you posted. Your shop work is nice. The birthday calendar thing is so cool.


Neat technique! I wonder, does it end up with a lot of waste material?


These are so cool!
You should try one in acrylic just to see how that stacks up.



I’m not the hugest fan of the stack bowl look, but man those are outstanding! Especially that Temple. Really well done.


The temple looks great.

“I think you’d dig Provo. I think you’d do well there.”(Ocean’s 11).

My wife and I got married there about four kids ago.