Milk Bottle found at Michael's

Milk Bottle found at Michael’s

Made on my FrankenForge :troll:


Something like this could be really cute for a birthday party or something.

Not going to lie, it took me a second to see that you engraved this :joy: That is great though!

LOL! yea white on clear is hard to see…
I ordered 2oz of glass laser marking spray. gonna see what that does.

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Dairy bit.
Legen dairy.



That looks yummy. I was thinking of Barney Stinson.

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That’s so cool :grin: I have some glass spice jars I want to engrave, but I’ve not felt brave enough yet.

I did the lids on a set I picked up but the contrast was not sufficient, and I ended up making labels from 1/32" acrylic, reverse-engraved.