Miniature no-sew leather


Wanted to work more with leather, but can’t sew anymore due to arthritis. Was encouraged by @Jae’s post:

Which made me think that I could come up with sew-less (not soulless) leather projects.


Starting small as you can see. For size, an extra fine point Uni-Posca pen (they’re smaller than the fine point ones). For the purslet keychain I googled for a basic pattern and changed it quite a bit. I added silver embellishments to the brown booklet, which has a thick piece of gold edged :proofgrade: ply inside. Thought it was still too big, so the turquoise one is smaller still @ 1.2" high. Inside is a medium piece of gold edged :proofgrade: ply. The books have a little hanging hole at the top. I’m waiting for jewelry lobster clasps to make them into necklaces. Without that, they would also make excellent display material for miniature libraries.


Oh. My. Goooodness! That is absolutely adorable! How the heck did you get them that tiny? :grinning:

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Glowforge precision and the new Set Focus sure helped cut through the leather! :joy:


That is adorable! You just made my week :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


How cute ! Amazing!

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They are so cute! That little keychain is simply adorable.


Love these.

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Super cute! So, are you using Barge or something similar to stick things together? I do see the rivets on that tiny purse—bet it’s hard to find them that small!


Never heard of Barge - what is it? (googling it I get lots of info on river/canal barges).
I ordered these from Amazon:

They have 6mm and 8mm rivets. Harder to find are small snaps. The purselet is held together by 2 small rivets on the side (front and back flap together).

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Barge Cement is big in the leather/shoemaking arena. It is one of the best leather glues out there - you’ll split the leather before it gives up. But some nasty chemicals in it so it really smells (I believe they reformulated it some a bit ago so it’s not quite as bad as a few years ago :slightly_smiling_face:).

You can get it at Tandy, Amazon or ask your local shoemaker for a bottle (I think the stuff they get might be somewhat better due to them getting a non-consumer version :slightly_smiling_face:).


Thanks for explaining! I think I’ll stay away from the smelly stuff (like I do all smelly things) and just stick to rivets. I used Uhu glue on the leather book covers. Slightly smelly, but bearable.


Wow. Very nicely done. They are cool enough as miniatures but to make them into jewelry is going to be amazing.

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