Misalignment [SOLVED]


I have alignement issues. As in many of posts, I tried to turn off and try again but it seems that it’s not solved.

First, I put a cardboard with some crosses writed on. I try to score squares approximately centered on crosses.

And here is the result:

Some squares are quite aligned but some are not.

So I try to turn off and repeat the same operation without moving anything. And exactly the same result. It is repeatable but with no good alignement.

Do I do something wrong?

No, you have done nothing wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

The alignment using the camera can be off by up to 6 mm in any direction right now. Glowforge is still making improvements to the alignment software behind the scenes.

There are tutorials that can help you to create designs in external drawing software (like Illustrator or Inkscape) that will very much improve the alignment between the parts of the design. (Even now, while Glowforge is finishing the work on it.)

I will put some links to the tutorials below. One thing that you can do now is to put your design in the center of the screen, right under the lid camera. There is less distortion there.

Hopefully those will help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you putting the exact material height into the unknown material box on the upper left?


Yeah, the way the errors are equally worse left on left side, right on right side, up and down above and below center looks like an incorrect material height entry.


Thanks. I will verify that and domy tests again to see if there is any change. I will post the results.

Yah I’m going to agree with the others. Material height is likely the culprit. Did you measure the material with a set of calipers? Is the misalignment the same with proofgrade? Proofgrades thickness is very consistent which is one of the reasons they have you run tests with it. Getting the material height correct by accurately measuring the material, checking the crumb tray is clean and seated in the divots properly, and making sure the lid is closed will all help.

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Thanks @jules and @jbmanning5! I’ll leave this open for your reply @marc.simon1

Thanks to all. Rita, you can close. I have tried again with a new sheet of cardboard very flat and with double check for the height and the result is quite better. So I don’t know if it was the bad flatness or the bad height but it was one of these which causes the bad result.

The community is very helpful!!


Thanks for letting us know. And yes, I am very grateful to agree, the community is VERY helpful.