Missing accessory box [Resolved]

I just got my GlowForge, yahoo, but I didn’t get the accessory box. When I log into UPS MyChoice it doesn’t have any new deliveries, but it never even showed the GlowForge itself. Which I found odd since the PG items did. I don’t see anywhere on the tracking that their was supposed to be 2 boxes. I’m assuming it got shipped after, but can I get a tracking for that so I know when to expect it?

Can I print without the crumb tray if I have an exhaust hose?

Sure but you will need blocking

Depending on where you’re located, that’s been know to happen. There’s about a day delay for Flex to give Glowforge the tracking so they can give it to you. Californian’s have essentially overnight shipping so tracking comes after delivery. The sample pack comes from KY. Farther away, couldn’t guess why you didn’t get tracking. UPS does depend on the package having the same name and address as what you registered with them on the package to work.

Sure can print. Just do a quick search for crumb tray thickness so you can math up appropriate material thickness for the focal lengths and/or how thick some sacrificial material needs to be. The top of anything your working needs to be within .5" of the laser.

Yes, but you will need to rig something up to hold the material at the correct height that it would have been if the crumb tray was in there, and you need to put some material down on the bottom so that the laser beam isn’t bouncing off the metal.

There is a writeup on how to cut without the crumb tray here, but it is an advanced technique that might be a little difficult to pull off if you haven’t done any laser cutting before. You might want to just wait for the support team to get back to you on when the tray is arriving, or wait until it shows up.


Wow! I heard this community was good, but that is fantastic. 3 replies within minutes. Awesome!


The crumb tray height is ~ 1.3675” above the floor of the gf.


The Proofgrade sample packs do not come from KY. They come from Smyrna, TN.

And if it’s any condolence to the OP, my replacement Glowforge shipment turned out to be only the accessory package :slight_smile: and no Glowforge; I sent the accessory package back. So I know they have one laying around somewhere.:rofl:

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Did you receive an email from Glowforge with the tracking information for the Glowforge unit?

If so, go to that email, and it will have two tracking numbers. One for the forge and one for the accessory pack. But, they are likely both the same (if they haven’t fixed the system). If you click that link though and go to the UPS tracking page, you should see an option near the bottom of the page that says “packages in this shipment.” If you expand that box, it will show both of the packages.

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The email only had 1 tracking number on it. When I track it through UPS it is the weirdest looking thing.

I receive many packages over the year and this is very odd to me. No address of where its going or how many packages, or even the weight of the package. All normal things UPS does. Strange indeed. Hopefully some one from support can help me out, since all UPS says is “contact the shipper”. I do see on the shipping label attached to the box that its box 1 of 2. A little worried it was lost, but will give it a few days.

hmmmm….you’re probably right. Idea still holds.

Is that from a mobile app or browser? Maybe try on a full computer. When I looked at mine, there was a second tracking number at the very bottom of the screen under “Packages in this shipment”.

When they shipped mine, they missed a line in the address. The forge was delivered because it had a packing slip with the full address. The accessory package was stuck at the depot. It will now be delivered on Monday (11 days later).

And yes, you can zap things without the crumb tray. I just dropped in a few pieces of 2x6 and put the medium draft board on top. I had no trouble cutting the keychain ruler this afternoon. My 2x6 blocks now have some nice scorch marks where the laser burned through.

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This can be closed. I just got a notification from UPS that’s it’s being delivered today. Thanks for all the tips!


Great news!:grinning: Now you can forge ahead…

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