Modified Ear Saver

First time posting here. I followed the ear saver design and created a slightly smaller version so that I can fit 95 pieces onto a single sheet of medium acrylic.


This looks really fantastic, I can’t wait for my supplies to arrive so I can get started on them!

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Great way to enter the community - welcome.

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Hi! Also tried bending the printed ear savers by heating it and pressing against the side of a 9 inch baking pan. Makes this a lot more comfortable to use.image image


Are you willing to share your file?

Sure, i will upload that this afternoon…still want to make some minor tweaks.

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That is awesome. I may try to put them on my cap heat press to form them. I have been cutting lucent from Rowmark which is bendable acrylic as well.

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Hi everyone,

I have attached the design in SVG format. You can remove the scoring pattern if you prefer since it is troublesome to remove the backing after cutting.

Ear Saver


This is great! And I love how they turned out - What are you doing to heat them?

Hi ,

I used a heat gun but I guess a hair dryer might work.

I attached the file in my previous reply but i am not sure if it got through.


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Hi! I’m new to the forum. Could you please tell me how I can find and download the file?
I like your design changes!

Hi! I am new to this forum too, even though i have been a casual user of the Glowforge fore more than a year. I uploaded the file in my earlier reply, as well as shared it on the “Free Design” forum, but I am also not seeing the files I uploaded.

Hi … love your design … are you sharing the file ? If so where can I download it .
My daughter is an ICU nurse in NYC I donated the original ear savers that glowforge designed . I would love to cut these cute heart ones so I can have her donate the ear savers to another unit …
let me know . Stay safe
Thank you

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Hi Donna, I would be more than happy to share my file, once i figure out how to do so. I tried to upload it in a previous reply in this thread, but it did not appear to have gotten through. I will figure that out ASAP. Thanks!

Ok … no worries … thank you

It’s already posted here: Modified Ear Saver

It was there. You just couldn’t see it. But if you right clicked in the white space under your message you could save it to your local machine. Here it is again.

modified ear saver


When you uploaded it you ended up with a line that looked like this:

![modified ear saver|20x12](upload://65QYJxZv1eAziFTCw22RfBWe0Fl…

I changed the 20x12 to 400x240 so that made it big enough to show.

Thanks you very much James!