Monitor Stand

Well, when designing this I figured it would be a cool freebie for the lot of you. I used some birch ply that I picked up from HD, this stuff specifically. So keep that in mind that the tabs and slots are pressure fit for what I had. Simple enough to adjust if you need to, I tried to keep everything simple enough that there doesn’t need to be much editing if needed.

For pics of my finished stand, you can check it out here: Computer Monitor Stand

I’ve included both SVG and PDF formats, since I know there people that are on both sides of the fence when it comes to file saving. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy it! Oh, and it takes two sheets to do, obvious once the files are open, but I may as well mention that now.

Monitor (103.7 KB)

I didn’t include any instructions in the file as it’s pretty straight forward. There are nine short bridge connectors, and three long to connect the legs. Three short and one long per leg setup, then once you’ve put the legs together, you just slot those into the top, and boom, you’re done.


Thank you very much! I would love to raise my monitor.


Thanks for the lift.


Great stand design. I dig it!


I like it, but when I checked the HD site for that material they don’t carry it near me (within 100 miles) and of course delivery was “unavailable”.

You win!

I live in Hawaii, so it’s always a surprise to me that we can get stuff that other people can’t. You could always substitute the wood for something else, like I said, you’ll just have to make some adjustments in the files. Guess you would just use mine as an outline, but it’s a good starting place at least!

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Lowes has something close.

I have been having a tough time cutting through the cheap underlayment. I might have to spend a little more to waste less.

I would be interested in folks experience with that. The quality level is C-4 which does not sound great. I am still in a bit of shock from the birch I bought that was really awful with large areas of laser-proof Bondo that made every attempt a 50-50 chance of getting anything.

Ocooch has Baltic Birch with a bit of price rise but still good and best quality

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Thanks for trying but all I can say is “WOW”, that’s also not available near me in the Detroit area. What is it with these big box places?

Thanks for the design!

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Thanks for sharing your design!

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Thank you for the file.

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I just made your stand, and realized that my quarter inch plywood was too thick, that’s after the laser didn’t cut through the first board, so I was quite bummed!

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Oh dang! Yeah, the birch I use is somewhere in the .19" realm, but I have 2 versions of the wood. Free files are cool, but yeah, they are made for whatever the person has on hand :grimacing:

I’ve found that if I cut just a section of the design first, in this case I’d have taken a slice of the leg, and tried to see how they line up, that saves me a bunch of time and material. I actually had to sand some joints the other day on one of my projects because the wood was too thick and I was feeling confident. Hopefully it doesn’t turn you off of the design!

it is a great design! I was just bummed that I was overly confident that it would just work! :slight_smile:

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I was determined to use your amazing design with quarter inch Baltic Birch, so I resized everything. With a little bit of wrenching it this way and that, I finally have a very sturdy respectable monitor stand just like yours. Thank you again.

If you don’t mind I could post the modified design to this thread. Completely up to you buddy.


Feel free to share your modified files, just glad people are happy using the file at all :grin:

Thanks again!

Here is the 1/4 in baltic version. (36.2 KB)


Two of them! Awesome, thanks for updating the files for others to use!