More delays for early bird international customers?

I emailed the customer service and got a reply that international orders won’t be complete by Nov 30, due to a number of reasons related to logistics, and that only domestic ones will be shipped first within US.
But after reading other posts and your feedback to others, it seems that some people who ordered early will get delayed for the sake of those who you considered more valuable to this forum and community of Glowforge. So that these people will get shipped first regardless their ordered dates instead of those who ordered within the 30 days campaign which was stated clearly it would get ship first.

Well, my question is since I ordered my Basic on Oct 18, 2015, and still haven’t received my email is it mainly due to my lack of involvement on this forum?
And even though I ordered within the 30 days campaign, am I really not getting my Glowforge until Nov, as I’m in Hong Kong?

I would like some more honesty and clear explanation here. I don’t mind waiting, but i will be honest here, for a company to have delayed two times and lack informative, it kind of irritated me as this machine was purchased with my friend, and he has been accusing that this is a scam and demands money back if more delays.
I personally don’t want to refund, and had hold him back to wait for the delivery, so I really would like some honesty and clear information on this, so I can at least have something to explain to my friend.


This is absolutely incorrect, and I am so sorry our support team misinformed you. Please copy and paste the support email here in the forum, and @rita (our head of customer success) will make sure that this terrible mistake never happens again. My profuse apologies for this misinformation.

I am sorry for my miscommunication. This is incorrect.[quote=“yatto_leung, post:1, topic:8710”]
Well, my question is since I ordered my Basic on Oct 18, 2015, and still haven’t received my email is it mainly due to my lack of involvement on this forum?


If you ordered within the 30 day campaign, your Glowforge is scheduled for delivery between now and October 31, wherever you are.

I don’t blame you, and I am so very sorry for our miscommunication.


I think the questions was when orders will be complete. If the order includes an air filter isn’t Dec 29th the latest completion date?

I think that’s splitting hairs a little bit. @dan has tried to be as clear as he can here (and I thank him for that). I think he has answered honestly some questions that I lot of people have been asking. I’m in a similar position to the above except I ordered the pro model so even more of a delay for me.But the fact that they are shipping now means that I feel a lot safer and happier to wait.

Not long now people, we are so close. :smiley:


The completion dates for the pro are the same as the basic. It just starts a month later. As there are more pros the basic might complete sooner but that isn’t what the schedule shows.


yeah, dan explicitly mentioned ramping up production on pros, and making more pros than basics, in order to make the deadline. which just makes sense, of course the production ratio will change since they’ve been shipping basics for a little bit.

Not sure what I will do if I get my pro before the filter. All our windows are side hinged, so the best I can do is throw the hose out and let it dangle with the window still open. OK if the weather is fine and the wind is not blowing inwards but if not it will be no lasering.

To do a proper all weather job without making a hole in the wall I would have to make a wedge shaped frame that allowed the window to be ajar but still sealed. It would have to clamp around the inside of the frame and have a lock plate to match the window lock, so would be a significant amount of fabrication. I am not even sure the hinge opens enough to get anything in that side.

So really the order complete date is the important one for me.


i sympathize but yeah it looks like the filters will be a while, too bad it’s going into fall / winter on that timeframe, which makes keeping the windows open problematic. take off one hinged window and put in some acrylic until the filter comes? (then cut it up).


I think if I take the window out then the frame isn’t going to be weather proof. It relies on the outer seal of the window which overlaps the frame.

I could perhaps take the double glazing unit out of the frame and replace it with acrylic with a spacer all the way around to make up the thickness. The problem with that is it is semi permanent so would waste a lot of heat if it was cold.

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I could make doubled glazed unit out of two layers of acrylic. That would probably be warmer than glass but quite expensive.



on a lark i googled ‘portable air conditioner hinged window’ and got some interesting results; i figured that would be the most common thing people tried. you might look and see if someone’s come up with a suitable fix for your situation.


For windows like our (UPVC double glazed, which open outwards) they seem to open the window and fill the hole with a sheet of acrylic clamped around the frame. That doesn’t seem right to me because the inside of the window and the inside of the frame is now outside in all weathers. The frame has slots in it for the fixing screws so water would get in to the wall cavity I think.


There is double walled polycarbonate for green house panels. It’s easy to cut with a jig saw and not too pricey. Comes in 4,6 and 10 mm thicknesses. That would make for a somewhat better insulated insert.


Well of its just cold, it should not matter, but I can see your concern to let that happen when it rains or snows…

that’s a great idea, might be hard to secure on a ground floor tho.

I thought about twin skin poly carb but that is less reusable than acrylic.

I will wait to see what the state of the filter shipments and the weather is when I get my GF to see if it is worth doing anything.

turn it into a greenhouse or cold frame afterwards.

Yes but we already have two large greenhouses, a glass cold frame and two poly carb cold frames already, so don’t really need any more. And the window is smaller than any of them.

The problem with PC twin wall is it always looks terrible after a few years outside.

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sure, but i assumed this was just until your filter arrived.

No I mean if it was made into a cold frame. The two PC ones we have don’t let a lot of light through now.