More paper cutting


Found a gallery of cool animals crafted in paper, recreated this one as a png and engraved.

How did I do this?

Burned paper edges



Very impressive, this sort of work is high on my to-do list!


That is amazing!


Are you finding that you can cut paper without charring on the edges? Or do you have to clean it off?


Omg, this is breathtaking! How are you holding down the paper?


Holy smokes!!! That is AMAZING!!! :astonished:


Wow. So it looks like I can cut my own paper string. That’s insane


Beautiful piece! :grinning:


that looks fantastic? what kind of paper did you use? did using the engrave feature keep the power low enough to minimize char on the paper?


Oh my, that is spectacular! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


What he said :open_mouth:


That is seriously the damn coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!
Did you find that?! If so, where?! If you made it… HOLY…!


How is that even possible? So cool!


Beautiful! very nice work!


WOW!! Discourse doesn’t think this is a complete sentence. LOL.


@newbies_234 THAT IS AWESOME!!!

Feel like sharing the gallery you found? :slight_smile:


Everyone has already used up the words to describe how utterly cool and beautiful this is. :+1:




While I love the ways these look, I think it would be great to include a link to the original artist’s work. I am sure they put a ton of time into drawing that, and it would be appropriate to give them credit.