More than 10 referrals?

After you get 10 referrals what happens? For some reason I remember it saying somewhere you could get an additional code. Is that possible? Would it be possible to get a free glowforge?

More then 10? I couldn’t even get one ;/

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i would love to know that too!

please send them my way :wink:

I will take any leftovers.

seriously though i just hit 10 and im sure i could help convince a few more even in the next 24 hours, but definitely in next few weeks. just need some incentive as ive been promoting non stop for 2 days :slight_smile:

10 in 2 days? Now that’s impressive! I’ve got 1 left to go before I’m tapped out, but that was in a week. This is actually kind of fun - helps a bit with with at least this part of the wait. :wink:

Ha. Yeah i enjoyed the challenge too! Im a digital marketing strategy consultant by profession so know a few tricks of the trade. I had a client cancel a job i was working on at short notice so thought id use old ben franklins quote of “a penny saved is a penny earnt” to good use :slight_smile: … worked myself up now though - dont know if i can wait until summer to actually get my new toy!

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eh im kinda in the same boat. just been posting for a few days and hit the limit. would love to be able to reap the rewards of additional money off, but even this is a good amount.

What did you mean by summer? theyre supposed to ship in december

First units ship in Dec, then full rollout in the following quarters. The quick version is in the FAQ.

Dan has gone into further detail recently, but you’d have to dig around for it.

“first units ship in december” … dan said that he aims to have all preorders out by august. i didnt order until 3 days ago…so i think i will defo be at the later end of that estimate even if it is just getting shipped up the road to Blaine WA

Yup, the right thing to do once you hit your limit is to share out fellow Glowforgers codes…
Once you are done with bwente’s, feel free to share mine! (partial ref link removed cause someone didn’t approve so nevermind)

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None were people I knew. Luck of the draw with posts elsewhere.

I think if I had more I would have upgraded to Pro. But right now I have spent more on this “hobby” then on my car!


I bought a pro to begin with. Thats why Im hoping to get more. It was expensiiiiive!

FYI posts with your referral URLs are gonna get marked as spam by GF staff. They don’t want the boards filled with referral codes.

Not showing off but my referrals are going crazy now. I guess everyone that i spent the last 4 days marketing too has just decided to buy the glowforge. I know that through my blog, youtube channel and answering peoples comments online i could convert many more Glowforge. Could we please use these extra referrals for:

  • Upgrade air filter
  • Upgrade Pro
  • Consumables later: replacement tubes etc
  • Print materials

Ive just worked out that if everyone i sold to bought a normal priced model then ive sold $32000 directly. And god knows how many they referred on top. I want to continue but i cant justify taking the time off my day job to spread the word any further.


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anyone from glowforge team? 24hrs remaining?

Our official deal is that you can get a discount of up to $1000, then nothing more.

Unofficially, if we see that you’re not just spamming existing conversations about Glowforge but actually showing it to people who haven’t seen it before, purely at our own discretion, we might do something quietly for you that is extra special. But that takes time for us to find and verify because it’s all @bailey, it’s all by hand, and it’s all at her sole discretion.


@dan does this include the 100$ referral link I clicked when ordering, so it’s 1100$ or is it 1000$?

Anyways I had some trouble actually ordering it, but yesterday I finally did, which took a lot of talking to banks and other companies. I wrote a short post about it. It was painful. And in the end not as simple as I wrote in that post.

Let’s put it this way, I spent more time trying to get my Glowforge then it took me to get 10 referrals.

I managed to get 11 within 24 hours after my transaction. Not going into details, but there’s A LOT of people out there and if you speak their language (literally) it’s doable.

I felt like everyone focused on the English speaking, I focused on everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to get my Glowforge :smile: