More than 10 referrals?

Unfortunately banks get antsy about charges this size - we’ve been working behind the scenes to make it smoother, but it still bites some people.

$1k refund is on top of your $100 discount! :smile:


Very cool! I just hope things don’t get lost in my first failed transaction from October 1st, couldn’t use the referral the second time because my mail was used already. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Bailey is working on it already. :smile:

I don’t think it is considered spam to post a link to your referral on this topic. I read about glowforge weeks ago and have been eagerly following here on the forums and on the hangout and twitter. I wanted to get my $100 dollars off my order and chose someone at random to give my referral to. I had to google them from comments they made and emailed them an asked for the their link. With only a day left I wanted to make it easier for everyone to get their discount.

How is it any different that you retweet other people’s tweets with their referral links to over 3,700 followers?

thanks guys. great customer service. and Dan sorry for sending that email to you earlier today. meant to send it to support@ but i was a little bit sleepy and trigger happy. hope you didnt mind.

Really appreciate going the extra mile for your impromptu sales force!


I just wanna say you guys have been really awesome wrt the referral program; I mean, I get that you guys benefit too - this has been a brilliant marketing endeavor. But I’ve certainly benefitted too, and I was able to get a laser I couldn’t have really afforded otherwise. Y’all’re awesome.

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I don’t think posting a referral link in this thread is spam. It is in context to the conversation. I was just adding my link to make it easier for someone else to find a referral link. To get my $100 discount I tracked down a person at random on the forum emailed them and asked for their referral link. Now that it is so close to the deadline I thought it be quicker for the next person. This thread kinda struck a nerve with me since some people had the problem of too many referrals.

How is that any different than glowforge retweeting someone’s referral link to it’s over 3,700 followers?

We love, love, love the excitement that everyone’s been putting out in the world about this! It’s not right for everyone, but for those folks who need one, it’s great that they hear about it.


@dan I have to say, your referral program was an amazing marketing idea. I woke up this morning to quite a number of referrals in my inbox. I might double my referrals, just with what comes in today! For a while I was concerned because I thought anyone using my referral wasnt going to get the $100 off after I hit 10, but apparently they still do. I was going to say good luck today, but you guys wont need it the way my inbox is looking. well done!

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Same. I’ve tried to make a number of good posts with my referral link instead of just spamming it places, and I think it’s helped; I also think that a number of people are trying to snag one before the preorder pricing ends (today? tomorrow?).

I think as of this morning I’m up to 49 referrals; I kind of want to see how many I can get people to buy…I figure the more people that own one, the more unique designs they’ll contribute that I can take advantage of! Strong product ecosystems are powerful attractants for me in terms of buying something.


I feel bad taking referrals from others who need them more, now that Ive gotten past 10 and they arent doing anything for me. Ive tried to replace my links that were highly visible with others links so they can get credit. I still have a lot coming in though. I know a lot of people live over seas and have high shipping, or there are schools or maker spaces trying to scrape to afford one. Im really trying to help them out too


That’s an awesome way to look at things, @takitus!

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I was really surprised to check this afternoon and see that I’d gotten a few more referrals, not quite up to 10 yet but everything helps! I’m ordering from Australia, so the shipping rates + bad conversion rates with the USD have been less than helpful. A massive thanks to everyone who has used my referral so far, it’s been a tough couple of months for me after having a car accident and not being sure if I could afford the Glowforge at all. Glad I went for it in the end :smile:


threw me off for a second when you said afternoon. I just woke up! haha

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Well I got one. Least it is something :wink:

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:+1: congrats! I think its probably a lot harder at the last minute if you didnt plant the seed earlier…

I got mine about 17 days in. So yeah, lots of people already putting their codes out there :smile:

If you google ‘glowforge coupon’ a lot of the top hits were pages I made. Im sure a good few of them came from there…

I’ve got one referral credit so far. I’ve posted a few places but don’t really know anyone in the field or where to find them. I’m a sign and vinyl decal maker but looking forward to all the other cool stuff I’ll be able to do with this. We really stretched to be able to upgrade to the pro so hopefully I’ll pull some more off before the end.

Will we be able to earn referral credits after the pre-order too, if we refer someone who buys at the new prices?

From what Ive read, they havent decided yet. I guess we have to wait til the rush is over to find out. Havent heard much from @dan today. I bet its going crazy in the office! haha

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I hope they do! That would be great…the price is still really affordable for what it is, and with the time frame we’re looking at before the pre-orders all ship, we’ve got plenty of time to keep spreading the word! Which I’ll do anyway, cause I can’t stop talking about all the stuff I wanna make, but the extra incentive will really help too :slight_smile: