Most idiot-proof software?

Illustrator is not an option (way too confusing…I grew up with green-screen Macs at school and no computer at home).

I cannot get Inkscape to draw even very simple shapes, and I cannot understand why.

I’ve tried drawing the specs I want and tracing the drawing (because nothing else has worked yet), but the cut isn’t precise enough.


Vectornator is pretty simple.

I like Affinity Designer but it’s a little more complicated.

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Are you looking for help on a specific project for which you drew the specs? If so, perhaps you could share more info and someone here could help you. has some pretty nice tutorials on Inkscape.


It looks like you’re looking from advice from a variety of people rather than having a problem with the Glowforge, so I’m moving this thread to Everything Else. If you have a specific problem in the App, we’re always available at!

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