Moved, setup, no worky

The title pretty much covers it… I moved from Az to HI, unboxed and setup today (OEM packaging used throughout), won’t accept manual thickness input, at first, when it finally does it cancels the print and says that there was an issue with the material thickness (0.06"). Switch material to verify operation, nope, prepares image and gives me a ready light, then moves but fails to provide a beam. The tube is unresponsive, coolant flowing, and the print head moves according to project requirements but no laser.

But the worst part…

Glowforge support. :confused:

my gut says your printhead is stuck, give it a gentle ‘side tap’ and try it

make sure it doesn’t misalign the mirror

I think you missed this part…

sticking with my gut :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh yes… the ago old recommendation of a Mac user… Percussive maintenance. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would have me going for weeks before even unpacking
Did you try 0.125" material?

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I figured it out, but I’m not sure how this even happened… The red wire was not making the connection to the right end of the laser tube. :expressionless:


YOU the man!

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For the record… we’ve been here for two months now, and the only reason I’m trying to get this thing up and running is that a friend needs something made. :slight_smile:

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Posting is my calm-down… I went and got myself a cold drink, thought about the issue for a bit, then started wiggling things to see if there was anything loose… loose wire. :expressionless:



we forget about that sometimes.

I call it the “Han Solo” school of technology

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