Movement of cutting board

I’m engraving some cutting boards for gifts, how do I keep the cutting board from slipping on the crumb tray… already ruined 2 - I sued double sided tape it worked but there’s got to be an easier way?

How are they being moved?

I regularly work with chipboard which is essentially cardboard, and don’t have to secure it. Each piece weighs little more than 1oz.

I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum, technical support can not help with materials that are not their own proofgrade.


If they are small cutting boards, cut an outline of them out of cardboard and fasten that to the bed. Place cutting boards in.

Use the hold down pins as bumpers around them.

Print two of these fiducial rulers. Ignore the Snapmark function but have the magnets give you bumpers on either side.


They must be awfully light weight cutting boards?

Why are they moving around, from the fan?

How thick are they? It could be actually being physically hit by the fan shroud if they’re too tall.


One was quite light but it wasn’t touching… I think it was the fan. The crumb tray is kind of slippery. You haven’t had to secure any of your items, I’m new to this and learning every day :blush:

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What are hold down pins? I’m so new to this, learning every minute.

Try here
! Honeycomb bed holdown pins

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How thick are your cutting boards? If your cutting boards are thicker than 1/2 inch you need to remove the crumb tray (it’s probably your carriage hitting them).


The air assist fan sits behind and below the carriage, if you look beneath the gantry you will see where the 1/2" limit comes from.

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You do need a good calipers as it is very likely that there is considerable difference in the thickness of your cutting boards. We have seen as much as 3 mm difference to not be uncommon as the company making them might not consider that difference important where 1 mm can be the difference of working or not.

If you look underneath the gantry you can see the blower well below the rest as you can see here…


I’d guess the air assist fan probably hit the boards because material has to be pretty light in order for the fan to blow it around.

I’ve just used masking tape to hold light stuff in place.


If they are fixed down and the fan hits it can cause a bigger problem :frowning_face:

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