Moving/bringing GF between work sites...Advice?

Any advice on how best to stabilize the GF (internal parts) when moving it between distant sites? Should I disassemble it and put back in to shipping box if hitting the road with it…or will it be okay to just load it into blankets in rear of SUV and skip the repack into shipping box? Thanks Andy pb2u2

Put it all back together just like it arrived from UPS. Including all the orange bits.



Especially the orange bits. You don’t want that gantry coasting around. And remove the magnetically attached head and pack it in something soft and clean.


Oh shoot! You know I don’t think I did that when I returned the PRU!

Sorry Glowforge! :grimacing:


But, I heard you gave them gifts.


Oh that was before the return. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking of sending them a couple of other little items to show at the Faires, since they’re planning on going again, but I’d LOVE to not be the only one doing it…it looks rather brown-nosey if just one person’s doing it…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about you make something cool and send it? They could have a Rogue’s Gallery of customer submissions for the folks in line to play with.


No pressure… When is the Faire? What sorts of things?

I think they’re going to the Bay Area Faire this year, so in May, I think? (I sent them a bunch of the extras that I had laying around the house last year for the New York Faire, to give folks something to look at while they were in line.) @bailey posted a picture of the things on the forum here:


Do you think the banana would go mouldy before it reached Seattle?


I volunteer you to make a wood banana with bending plywood. Alcohol yellow markers.


:joy: Don’t you go gettin’ my hopes up!

Yeah, might want to avoid bananas - nothing smells worse when they go off! :rofl:

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I actually looked at what it would take to taxidermy a banana and the problems with ethylene.

Found this

Who started the banana thing anyway?

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I clicked on the link thinking, really? Plans for a banana? But actually worth paying the money to show appreciation for the design!

Already did it!

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I’ve moved a PRU and my production Pro in the back of the SUV sitting on a moving blankets pad from Home Depot. But I do use the orange bits to lock down the gantry.

Just make sure it doesn’t slide around (it’s big & heavy and tends not to, but I wouldn’t sit it on my back seat).

Neat isoamyl acetate does. Think of being in a shipping container of rotting bananas!
I made that ester in my basement lab in high school. No fume hood of course.
I have not been able to eat bananas since.
Interestingly, it is also a honeybee alarm pheromone.


Alright girl! :smiley::confetti_ball::star2: :tada: :gift: :boom:

I’ve only taken it out of shipping box to look at it.
I will place it back into shipping box for journey.

Thanks to each and all.
PS: hope your banana works out for you.