Much better box


You are seeing and will see a lot of boxes and trays from me because that is what I am working on right now, personal infrastructure.

I got the plans for this from

Somehow, the kerf is perfect for the box joints on the drawers but a bit tight for the main box. If I make another one I will adjust for that.

I have not installed the pulls for the bottom three drawers yet but I could not wait to share.

Be aware if you want to build on for yourself that it burns through a LOT fo Proofgrade.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Looking good! One nice touch on their design is that each of the 6 drawers’ pulls have 1-6 holes – perfect for keeping them in order.


Yup, simple to implement but adds a lot to the design.


Gosh, that is a nice box! How smooth is the drawer movement?


:heart_eyes: that is an awesome box!

I made my first attempt at designing/cutting a very simple box last week and it was embarrassing how many tries it took to get it right(ish) :joy:


That looks like something I could use too - got so many little things to try to sort. Great job on it! :smiley:


This is pretty much the kind of thing I’ll be doing at first, except I plan to do my own designs. Is that design parametric?


I want one of those for all my sandpapers and a place for my glass lapping plates. Ok I may need more than one of them.
Thanks for the post @markevans36301


That looks fantastic! Customized storage rocks.
One thing to think about is an option to prevent the drawers from coming out all the way, maybe little notch or something that can make sure it gets stuck within the last inch from getting pulled out (some drawers I like to get out all the ways, other will cause a mess if they come out and drop all the contents :slight_smile:)


Ooh, you could zap a spring catch into the back of the the drawer sides. Something like this, only with the dimensions and aspect ratio right:


Fantastic job !!! looks great - are the drawers “open” or compartments inside (dividers). I’d like to do a similar however would probably use Proofgrade® for exterior surfaces and other substrate for the drawer sides and bottom…


Sadly, no. A very nice design but one size and one material. I really look forward to the day I’ve done something like this that is fully parametric.


This thing is designed with tight tolerance. Removing the paper actually made a difference! It has a couple of bumps that I think will fix themselves in use. If not I’ll break out some sandpaper.


ooh… boxes… they always have a draw for me. Something about that
craving to organize things better, and combining that with making
something… well it’s just dreamy. :slight_smile:


This also allows one to make the drawers a bit looser, so they slide more easily, while still being sure that they won’t fall out.


Really like this design, already have plenty of ideas of what to keep in this nice little box! Should be easy to create dividers inside the drawers as well.


Nothing worse wiggling a tight drawer that ends up flying out in then end…


Give the drawer edges a couple of strokes with a bar of soap or paraffin to ease wood on wood drag.


Oh man, it’s killing me! This is exactly the stuff I want to be making right now.
Looks great!!!


do you also have a special secret love for shopping at staples