Multiple logins

My wife and I have separate forum logins. Will be be able to setup separate logins to the Glowforge app page without it trying to setup the Glowforge as new? Or to be more specific, I have already setup my login. When my wife tries to do so, it asks her to go through the entire process again of connecting directly to the Glowforge, renaming it, etc. Is there a way to just connect her account to the same machine without redoing all the setup?


Don’t know if this answers your question, although it may work, it might not be what you’re looking for…

I"m not sure… My wife already has a separate GF account setup. But when she tries to connect to our GF, it is prompting her to go through all the initial setup again (connect directly to it’s WIFI, add your home WIFI connection, give it a name, etc.). We don’t want it to act like it’s two separate devices or have it overwrite the settings one of us setup every time the other wants to use it.

Ya know? It might just work though if she re sets it up. You won’t lose any of your uploads (I know that from experience swapping Glowforges). Not sure if the Glowforge itself can be associated with 2 accounts, but if it can’t you just re set it up under your account again. No harm done. While you’re waiting on some official word, give it a shot.

Ideally we want to see our own list of uploads and not those of the other user… I have a guitar business and she does all sorts of crafts and stuff. I won’t want either of us to have to sort through the others projects to get to our own.


@Rita will get to you with a definitive answer, but as a heads up, more support for this scenario is coming soon.


Yeah… Folders would be a great answer to that. I’d really love folders. Did I mention I want folders? If I didn’t I should probably say… Folders would be awesome.


But how do you feel about folders?


I think… if I really had to choose… if you REALLY want to know… gun to my head…


Yeah, I’m the same way. The kids these days want tags to group things together, and while that’s a cool feature too, I prefer to have folders to keep stuff organized.


i’d be a fan of folders, too.

i could live with tags if they’re implemented in a logical, easy to use way. they can be functionally similar to folders if the UI is well done.

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I’ve updated your wife’s account so that she can print. Enjoy!

You’ll be able to use the Glowforge app to invite friends to use your Glowforge soon. For now, if you want to add more users, just write to and let us know the first and last name and email address of each person you’d like added.