Mushroom leather (for your vegan customers or friends)


I looked to see if someone had posted this before, but I couldn’t find anything.
I was reading this article about new “leathers”:

the article focuses on a company called MycoWorks:
I can’t wait to see if these are “laser safe”.

Vegan Leather Sourcing
Animal Free Fake Leather that's Laser Safe?

“Excuse me sir, why are you smoking your jacket?”


“well, it is a smoking jacket”


Is this still in development? I didn’t see any place to purchase.


Well I for one don’t eat leather because I can’t chew through it LOL but I do eat mushrooms so I’m wondering how they’re going to make it to where it doesn’t fall apart


it explains a little bit of the process in the popsi article


I sent them an e-mail asking about availability, I’ll let you know what I find out!


This is very cool and innovative and all, but that chair is the stuff of nightmares.




Just looked at your avatar. That’s hilarious!


Ha, just now me too. I had thought it was some kanji character.


So now when domino delivers your pizza in that “leather” pouch, the pouch counts as a topping !


some days I feel like Big Foot riding Nessie, some days I feel like it’s what’s expected.




hmm… which product do we think will actually ship to customers first, this mushroom leather or the Glowforge? (My money’s on the GF. Literally! haha)

I’d be surprised if this wasn’t safe to laser cut. Same with that pineapple “leather” that someone else posted a few months back. (which is similarly not yet available, if I recall correctly.)


I don’t see any reason why the mushroom leather wouldn’t be laserable. It seems that they’re not using any bad chemicals to cure it.



Mycelium is thought to be the world’s largest organism by weight. The mushrooms are only the reproductive structures of the massive thread-like organism that winds it’s way through the soil.

I read somewhere that the 11,500 foot elevation of tree line is due to mycelium’s inability to survive at that level of reduced oxygen.
If I remember correctly, mycelium fixes nitrogen in the soil that trees need.


I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that!


There’s a fungus among us.