My 35mm Film Pinhole Camera (For Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2022)

I am most impressed. Having made quite a few GF projects with relatively complicated mechanical parts, I can well appreciate the work and thought that went into the design of this camera.

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Wow, thank you, @dehne1 ! I’ve seen your work and how complex many of them are so this means so much. I’m just getting the bare minimum understanding of gears but it’s such a fascinating discipline that I hope to learn more.

I thought I’d add some more shots taken with this camera.

Irises found growing in the Presidio. Handheld shot. Without a tripod the flowers become abstract, and impressionistic. I’m also counting in my head and not using a timer. All of these things are liberating. They’re grungy but I like them because they have life.

A scene from the Famers Market in the Richmond District, SF. Also handheld. The notion of doing “run and gun” shots with a pinhole camera is kind of funny. It’s doing what you’re not supposed to do that makes for interesting images - at least sometimes! Between the foreground couple, I can make out my wife and kids turning around to see what happened to daddy.