My experience scoring an 18" pine round


Fairly new here but I had a good experience scoring on a 1.02” thick, 18” round (Pine) and wanted to share what I learned.

I found some 18” pine rounds at Home Depot and wanted to make a wood/acrylic sign for a friend that just got a new house. The acrylic cuts were no prob, even though I didn’t use proofgrade, the GF default settings were perfect. My problem was I was really nervous about glueing down my acrylic without a guide on my wood round. Soln, score my design in.

After some research here in the community, I figured out my calculated depth as .138 ( math below ), but because I was using non-proofgrade, GF force me to enter score settings manually. From another posting, I saw that Med Maple Ply would work so I took the leap (Speed 300; Power 40; 1 pass). It worked!! Pics attached – hope this helps!

**The round fit in the GF perfectly but the design was too big for a single pass. I have a pro but obviously that wouldn’t have helped so it was a matter of manually lining up the second half of the score to continue. I HATE manually aligning (not even thrilled with GF auto-align) so it is a little off :blush: – it worked out ok because it is only a score line and it hides pretty good behind the acrylic! lol


Thickness of 18” Round [1.02] + Spacers [.518] - Crumbtray [1.4] = .138” , right within the allowable depth range of 0.01" - 0.4".

Good tutorial for the math - Tutorial: How to cut without the Crumb Tray (Honeycomb)


Nicely done! They’ll be so pleased with it!


Wanted to add too that my spacers were essentially 4 layers of GF proofgrade draftboard scrap. I had made these risers (X-supports for passthrough) earlier and had them handy. I didn’t put them together for this job but just used the pieces to make 2 stacks of 4 each. Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:


Very Nice and I agree they should be really happy it.


Hey, that’s nice! Thanks for talking about your process. I love learning how other people find solutions.


Looking good. At least it was on wood that can be seen and you were planning on covering it. Not so simple on a passthru sized, non-masked acrylic signage. AMHIK :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::rofl::crazy_face:


Well executed! Turned out great!

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Turned out really nice!

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Great job

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Thank you everyone! It really means a lot! :slight_smile:

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it looks really good! Just a quick note on alignment. I use a tile in the front and right side to create a fixed parallel distance though usually, I use the right side of the tray so a bit trickier at that (you can see how far the gantry sticks down so you have to stay below that :grimacing:) but that can provide an absolute repeatable location for the bottom perpendicular that would make it easier to have all the text the same distance from the edge.

That is a great idea!! Thank you SO much! I’m working on some pass through designs so that will be a HUGE help! Best regards, Wendy

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