My first piece of art created on the GF


That is just freaking incredible. So much more patience than me.


As you see, a lot of us have been waiting to see one of these as interpreted through the “lens” of a :glowforge: well worth the wait.


Oh…my! There are trees! And there is a bridge! Oh, and is that London’s City Hall?
Wow…I am stunned. Seriously…this is unbelievable!


Totally agree!

I did the same thing…my mouth was agape!


That’s what I was thinking.


That’s glorious! Glowforge should buy that for their lobby.

You totally tricked me with the scale until that last picture, then wham!

Transcending the Medium: Beyond Planes, Edges, and Plywood

WOW!! @polarbrainfreeze that is STUNNING!!



You just raised the bar! Awesome!


Simply jaw dropping amazing. :+1::sunglasses:


This is astonishingly wonderful. I’m massively impressed. Your aesthetic is appealing, thoughtful, playful… I don’t have words. I’m linking it to the “Transcending the Medium” post.


Dead :skull_and_crossbones:️ This is just mind blowing amazing!! I can’t wait to get mine!


He didn’t just raise it, he threw it way the heck over there where us mere mortals are gonna have a hard time getting to it.


PolarBrainFreeze? My brain just had a melt-down


It’s only the beginning. Super job!


Stunning completion!!! Wow! Bigger than I thought!


Now I have to throw out EVERYTHING I’ve been working on as grossly inadequate. hangs head in shame


This is really stunning. I’d love to know more about the different woods you used to pull this off.


Having you as a reference point, really shows the size and immense detail of your design.

Marvelous Job!


Oh. My. Gosh. That is the most amazing thing I’ve seen! It’s museum-worthy in my opinion. It just pulls you in!


Stunningly amazing piece of creativity!!!