My First Project

This is some info on my first ever project please let me know what you think.


This is designed to be a jewelry box that requires no glue.

here it is in the real world My 2015 design finally came to life


Thanks to Ben Gatien and his youtube channel helped alot with understanding the process and tools to do the job.

Check out his videos on how to build a box from concept to reality.


That’s awesome! Pinned hinges are totally underrated. You can get a great friction fit (like we did with the votive candleholders we made for a bunch of reporters) so you don’t need glue at all.


I really like the look of it. It looks very elaborate. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s cut.

I’m also glad you liked my videos, and that they were helpful to you.


I’m completely impressed by what you did by watching Ben’s Sketchup videos. I watched them and they helped a ton, but I couldn’t produce something that elaborate with a couple of days work. I’m keep running into issues with pivots and other things, but hey I’m getting better. I now know what can be done by a novice.


Thanks a bunch means alot been looking through all your peojects very cool.

And thx for the videos very helpful looking forward to seeing more if you make some:)

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dang. @primal_healer good job, way to step it up!

I watched Ben @polarbrainfreeze 's video, and then I made a blank cube in sketchup… :laughing:


While many (myself included) seem to have been trashing SketchUp in the thread about opensource/free CAD tools, this is inspiring and gives me hope for SketchUp. Perhaps I’ve “misunderestimated” its utility. I’ll have to checkout his youtube channel.


Hehe thx took me a few hours and a steep learning curve.

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