My Glowforge Basic is Here, Woohooo!


Well after a long wait I finally have the “Destroyer” ( It destroys to create ).

I live in Colorado up in the mountains and I am usually very late in the day to get deliveries with UPS. The UPS trucks up here driving on dirt roads usually just end up filling every package with dust. I decided to hold the shipment at the distribution center and go pick the shipment up myself. The box was in pretty good shape with all four handles intact.

The contents looked good

All of the little orange thingies are in the correct place

Setup was OK, I kept touching the side lens on the head, doh, doh, doh, I had to keep cleaning it with the included Zeiss lens wipes.

I went to setup wi-fi, the Fire Fox page just kept sitting and sitting so after a while I switched to IE and it connected right away.

OK so far everything is good. Let’s try and cut a founders ruler.





:clap: :notes: Awesome!

Cant wait to see your first projects!! Super excited for you!!


All outta likes, but Great!
!st box with all four handles posted I think. Crisp box too!

enjoy the ride! Where in the mountains? (side of the divide)


Apparently the trick is have it delivered to the hub and pick it up there…must be the pesky “transfer to the truck guys” stealing all the handles


Yaaaay! (And yes, I think you win the prize for best UPS delivery person…all four handles intact. A record!) :grinning:


I’m sayin’ they don’t give a guy enough likes around here.
That, and the annoyance of @discourse popping up telling me how every single post I compose resembles another…


I live in Lyons just up in the foothills at 6,200 Feet in altitude.


I totally agree…mine run out way too fast


I do this every


I’ve been running out of them constantly both yesterday and today!


All out guys, so :heart:

@tim1724 yeah, these things are shipping now. Anticipate our need…

@MadScientistHut Really neat little town! I did a piece of my adolescence in Morrison. Made the Front Range my home.
Enjoy that well earned trophy of patience.

Edit; There should be a badge for that.


That’s a setting that can be adjusted by the admins :wink:


All 4 handles intact? That may be a first.


Thank you.


I had the same AH HA! thought. :rofl:

They might treat it more carefully because – in my experience – I’ve seen some huge customer blowups at the Customer Care counters over shipment issues.


Congrats fellow Colo-Glowster!!


It’s ok, mine came pre smudged. Someone at the factory touched it so I wouldn’t have to.


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada: Can’t wait to see what you make!


If I can remember, I’m planning on wearing gloves when I get my machine, to avoid touching the lens.


I was also thinking of doing this. Up until the last truck, there’s a chance there’s somebody else around to help lift.