My glowforge is stuck on scanning or centering

Ive read the forums and tried everything recommended but my machine is still stuck on either scanning or centering. I tried multiple wifi connections and restarting. I don’t know what to do and of course I have a ton of orders. Does anybody have any answers. I hope its an easy fix.

There are a series of tests to run here to rule out lid cable error. (If none of these fix it, let support know so they can review your logs.)

thank you, I ran through all the tests and still nothing, Might be time to upgrade my machine

If it’s the lid cable, you won’t see it. Now you need to let support take a look at your logs…they’ll let you know what the next steps are.

I dealt with this recently. Silly to suggest, but I had to wipe my lenses, then reboot the machine… did you try that?

Hello @cmm2ski! I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge is getting stuck during calibration. In order to help troubleshoot this with you I will need to gather some personal information. To keep your information private, I am going to send you a separate email and close this forum thread. You will receive my email shortly.